The Head of the Krasnodar region Administration (Governor) awarded the Letter of Gratitude to Yuri Pustovit, Managing partner of Advocates Bureau Yug.

The Head of the Krasnodar region Administration (Governor) awarded the Letter of Gratitude to Yuri Pustovit, Managing partner of Advocates Bureau Yug, for being conscientious at work, an active participant and contributer in improving investment climate and development of Krasnodar Region for many years.


The Head of the Krasnodar region Administration (Governor) awarded the Letter of Gratitude to Yuri Pustovit, Managing partner of Advocates Bureau Yug, for being conscientious at work, an active participant and contributer in improving investment climate and development of Krasnodar Region for many years.



The Advocates Bureau Yug successfully defended the interests of the largest network company in Southern Russia in the 700 million ruble dispute with the Regional Tariff Service of the Republic of Kalmykia

Our client is the largest grid company in Southern Russia. In 2020 the client filed a tariff application to the Regional Tariff Service of the Republic of Kalmykia. The client requested to include certain costs in the required gross revenue to calculate the new tariff on electricity transmission services. The largest of them were payments of interest on bank loans. The Regional Tariff Service dismissed the application. The authority considered these costs economically unreasonable and set significantly lower tariffs than the client has requested.


We filed an administrative lawsuit against the Regional Tariff Service in the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kalmykia. We requested the Court to recognize the authoritys decision to establish the required gross revenue and tariff as invalid. We provided reasons in the lawsuit that the client had taken bank loans to eliminate cash gaps and spent them on the companys branch in the Republic of Kalmykia. We proved that certain regulatory acts in the electric power industry provide legal grounds to accept the costs.

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Kalmykia (Decision dd. 20.12.2021) and the Judicial Board for Administrative Cases of the Third Appeal Court of General Jurisdiction (Appellate Ruling dd. 05.04.2022) refused to include loan interest in the clients tariff. Our lawyers had to file a cassation complaint.

The Fourth Cassation Court of General Jurisdiction ruled to change the previous judicial decisions. It eliminated the conclusion from their motivational parts stating that the planned costs for 2021 of 131,328,870 rubles were economically unreasonable and not proved by documents under the article "On Loan Interests (Loan Expenses)". It also dismissed adjustments to uncontrolled expenses of 563,936,270 rubles based on the actual values for the year 2019 under the Article "On Loan Interest (Loan Expenses)".

Managing Partner Yuri Pustovit, Senior associate Sergey Radchenko and Associate Zakhar Khrebtov represented the clients interests in the Fourth Cassation Court of General Jurisdiction.



300 best practicing lawyers attended the XIV Legal Forum of the Southern Russia, organized by Advocates Bureau Yug and

The tiresome hot summer have come to an end, but the velvet season is still bringing warm weather. On September 8-10 Sochi hosted XIV Legal Forum of the Southern Russia, organized by Advocates Bureau Yug and


The welcoming party took place at sunset in Sochi Grand Marina near seaport. All guests could either enjoy live music and magnificent views or participate in intellectual game “What?Where?When?” with legendary Alexander Drouz as a host.

The official program of the forum was rich and relevant to current events in the business world: sanctions restrictions, judicial practice, bankruptcy and subsidiary liability, legal risks of businesses and criminal liability of their owners.

The official part started with a business breakfast moderated by Yuri Pustovit, Managing partner of Advocates Bureau Yug, who suggested to discuss business problems during sanctions. Everyone at the breakfast shared their ways to protect assets during the sanctions period, learned about the legal risks of parallel imports, summarized current customs and criminal risks for businesses, as well opportunity of citizenship through investment: government programs in other countries that are still open to Russian residents.

The 1st session “Main judicial events 2022” covered a wide range of legal practices. All participants discussed opportunities and trends in asset management of foreign companies; new trends in judicial practice during

sanctions; problems and prospects of class suits against foreign companies that have left Russia; risks, preferences and prospects related to taxes in business; current IP litigations: trademarks, challenging decisions of Rospatent and the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia.

ABY’s Senior associate Sergey Radchenko spoke about the current judicial practice of the Supreme Court on damage recoveries.

The bankruptcy topic is so wide in new realities that the second session was completely devoted to it. Practicing lawyers shared their opinions on trends in requirement subordination in bankruptcy, gave practical advice on mediation in bankruptcy, talked about current cases on challenging transactions on bankruptcy grounds, advised to monitor activities of liquidators, to protect market conditions for services rendered in criminal prosecution and bankruptcy disputes. They also found out what should be done when foreclosing on the only housing of the debtor during bankruptcy, as stated by the Supreme and the Constitutional Courts of the Russian Federation.

During the 3rd session “Business responsibility: administrative, subsidiary and criminal” speakers considered trends in judicial practice, cases of subsidiary liability outside bankruptcy, liability insurance of directors and officials. They also shared how to save management from a criminal case by creating a prejudice if you lose arbitration dispute, in accordance with Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. They disclosed ins and outs of responsibility for off-the-meter electricity consumption and how to protect a client in case of tax crimes.

The final 4th session “The future of legal business and new challenges in working with clients” was held in the aquarium format that allows speakers to discuss both “controversial” topics by involving different parties and their possible solutions. Among the speakers were Yuri Pustovit (Managing Partner of Advocates Bureau Yug), Oleg Grishunin (Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs at BEL Development), Elena Krupskaya (Director of Legal Affairs at X5), etc. Speakers and participants united in an effort to find solutions to controversial issues, using recommendations from in-houses experts and consultants, to predict which industries, practices and directions will be in demand in 2022-2023, to build eco-friendly communications in a professional environment in 2022 realities. The final topic involved law firm management, peculiarities of pricing in the legal market in current economic situation and attempts to find something new in the legal team management to inspire employees to new achievements.

One who works well deserves to rest well, especially when the former involves outdoor activities. Thus, the Legal Forum of the Southern Russia chose the traditional sailing regatta to close official program in 2022. Bright sun, salty sea and speed competition create right mood for future work. The forum ended with award ceremony of the regatta’s winners and promises to welcome its guests next year.



The lawyers of Advocates Bureau Yug prevented transactions from being recognized as invalid and refunds received by the Principal from the bankrupt.

The financial manager filed into the court an application to invalidate transactions on transfer of funds from the debtor to a bank card of our client.


The applicant insisted that both parties aimed at withdrawing assets while there were signs of the debtors insolvency.

A mandatory condition to recognize a suspicious transaction as invalid one, in accordance with clause 2, Article 61.2 of the Bankruptcy Law, is the inflicted damage to the property rights of creditors. When establishing this circumstance, one must determine that a purpose to cause harm exists, and that the counterparty was aware of this purpose.

During consideration of the case, we were able to prove that the transactions had been made by the debtor in order to fulfill real contractual legal relations, which had been confirmed by the parties, and that at the time of the transfer the recipient was not aware and could not be aware that the debtor had unfulfilled obligations to third parties.

Thus, on September 12, 2022, the Krasnodar Region Commercial Court decided to dismiss the applicants claims.

The clients interest were represented by ABYs lawyer Alexey Demekhin.



Advocates Bureau Yug Successfully Defended the major Russian plant in a dispute on loss recovery, amounts to 2,5 billion rubles, caused by a corporate conflict

The client was involved in a court dispute on the loss recovery from his management Board and a contractors management for deed, considered unprofitable and invalid by one of the clients shareholders 8 years after the said transactions were concluded and executed.


The client was involved in the court proceedings as a third party from the side of the management board. According to the clients shareholder, the losses amounted to approximately 2.5 billion. However, for 3 years, the shareholder has been failing to prove any evidence of negative consequences to the client caused by the actions management board and contractors management, including through the conclusion and execution of the disputed transactions. By his actions, the shareholder put the client in a risky position. In the absence of the sole executive body the shareholders demand may lead to significant risks for the client with losing the management board, reputation and the important counterparty, issues settlement related to additional tax base, and may also lead to the clients involvement in an endless litigation, causing financial and economic condition of the client to be questioned, and the suspension of activity.

The Commercial Court of Bashkortostan agreed with our arguments and declined the shareholder’s lawsuit.

ABYs associate Ekaterina Fedenko represented the clients interests.



Sergey Radchenko, a senior associate of Advocates Bureau «Yug», took second place at the II Chess Championship among lawyers of the Krasnodar region.

On June 18, 2022, the II Chess Championship among lawyers of the Krasnodar region was held at the Krasnodar Region Bar Association. The organizers were the Bar Association itself and the Chess Federation of Krasnodar.


The competitions were held according to the Swiss system in 6 rounds with a time control of 10 minutes, plus 5 seconds for each move made. 13 lawyers took part in the Championship. Svetlana Mustafina became the winner and scored 5.5 points in 6 games. The second place was taken by Sergey Radchenko, and the and third place — by Alexey Takhovsky, respectively.

Championship had warm and friendly atmosphere. All participants got merit certificates, prize–winners — medals, and the main winner — the Cup. According to Svetlana Vladimirovna Vasilyeva, President of the Krasnodar Region Bar Association, such events help to distract lawyers from their daily work and keep their “brains in good shape” at the same time. The Bar Association will continue to hold similar events, which are aimed primarily at colleagues rallying on each other within the law community.



Advocates Bureau Yug Ranked on Top of Regional Litigation Ranking

We are proud to announce that, according to the 2021 market research of the regional conducted by, Advocates Bureau Yug entered Band 1 and took top place of the ranking.


To identify regional leaders, an analytical group of examined more than 8 thousand decisions of Russian commercial courts adopted in 2021. To divide companies into bands, took into account such indicators as: total value of the claim, number of cases in the proceedings, number of decisions in the final instances in 2021, result in the court trials, average value of the claim. Each indicator was considered alongside with its defining nuances.

We have to admit that political and economic changes in our country and the unprecedented number of sanctions have greatly affected disputes considered by the courts. Over the next few years we may predict an increasing number of disputes with foreign companies due to their withdrawal from Russian. Against this background, new disputes that used to be rare appear, such as, lawsuits on obligation to fulfill a contract, consumers’ class actions, lawsuits related to discussion on presumptive protection of companies’ rights from unfriendly jurisdictions. The number of corporate cases will increase due to foreign companies transferring their assets to Russian owners, the market redistribution and raider seizures.

You can get more information on forecasts in litigation area in the article by following the : link



The Advocates Bureau Yug Successfully Defended the Largest Grid Operator of the Southern Russia in Dispute with a Customer on Connection to the Power Grid

Our client, the largest grid company in the Southern Russia, has signed a contract with the customer on connecting to the power grid in the Temryuk district of the Krasnodar region. The company fulfilled its obligations under the contract and built networks and substations. However, the company was unable to complete the work, as the customer did not fulfill their obligations. The customer referred to termination of budget financing and, as a result, their inability to perform the contract.


In order to make the customer fulfill the contract, we filed a lawsuit on recovery of penalty for the delay in the performance of their obligations into the Krasnodar Region Commercial Court. We justified as follows: financing of the project was not terminated, the contract is still valid, which means the customer must execute it, as the customer fails to prove absence of their guilt in breaching the contract. Moreover, we have justified that the penalty was economically reasonable and accurately accrued with 20% VAT. We also justified that it was possible to accrue the penalty for entire price of the contract without the previously paid advance payment. While objecting to the arguments of the customer, we also justified that the case was under jurisdiction of the Krasnodar Region Commercial Court.

Upon considering the case, on June 6th, 2022, the Krasnodar Region Commercial Court satisfied the clients lawsuit and recovered 311 766 484 RUB from the customer for less than three months.

ABYs Managing partner Yuri Pustovit and Senior associate Sergey Radchenko represented the clients in the court of first instance.



Advocates Bureau Yug became an event partner of the International Legal Week Forum in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

On April 28-29, 2022, the Advocates Bureau Yug acted as a partner of in co-organizing the International Legal Week Forum. For the first time, Uzbekistan was chosen as the host with the Hyatt Hotel as one of the best venues in Tashkent. About 200 representatives of the regional, domestic and international legal community, business, public authorities of Uzbekistan and specialized higher educational institutions took part in the Forum.


Following the spring romantic mood, it was decided to start the event with a trip to the winery through a beautiful park. The buffet provided the guests with several varieties of local wine, letting them appreciate the youngest agricultural branch in Russia.

The official program named "Cross-Border Legal Issues" was influenced by an unexpected and abrupt upheaval of the global economy, which now creates unprecedented challenges for Russian and international companies.

The Forum was divided into three themed sessions on significant changes in business practices.

The first session was organized as a discussion of "Legal Instruments for Business in Foreign Jurisdictions". It was moderated by Anton Konnov, a partner and head of the CIS/Russia practice in Allen & Overy. The participants were able to discuss the following topics:

- Legal Framework for Cooperating in the CIS Countries: Business Opportunities;

- Transition to a New Level of Integration: Harmonization of Law in the CIS Countries;

- Dialogue Between International and National Courts: Influence of International Judicial Bodies on Each Others Practice.

During the second session “Support of Global Projects in the Age of Sanctions and Restrictions” moderated by Anton Avazhansky, Managing Director of “Alvarez & Marsal”, the guests discussed

- Legal Framework for Cooperating in the CIS Countries: Business Opportunities;

- Current Issues of Russian Anti-Sanction Legislation;

- Roadmap to Asset Tracing and Cross-Border Investigations;

- Migration Structure: Business, Taxes and Personal Assets During Turbulent Periods;

- Citizenship by Investment Trends: Government Programs in other Countries.

Yuri Pustovit, Managing Partner of the Advocates Bureau Yug, spoke at the third session “Litigation and Acute Issues in 2022”. The topic of the speech was “Revision of the contract provisions. Is it possible to terminate the contract, refuse delivery, change the terms due to changes in economic and political realities?”

Yuri Pustovit highlighted the following issues: how do the "special military operation" and sanctions affect contracts execution, whether they can be considered, firstly, as grounds to be exempt from liability on breaching the contract, secondly, as grounds to terminate a contract as it is impossible to perform it, and thirdly, as significant circumstances giving a party the right to demand a contract to be terminated or changed?

Other discussion topics at the third session were as follows:

- Sanction Disputes: Forecast for 2022-2023;

- The Effect of Decisions on Imposing Sanctions on Possible Performance of a Contract in Accordance with English law;

- New Difficulties in Implementing International Legal Orders of Courts and Law Enforcement Agencies, Execution of Court Decisions;

- Subsidiary Liability of Foreign Investors that Russian Companies Go Bankrupt: Risks, Opportunities and Consequences.

An outside cocktail reception, accompanied by a duet of electronic music and live Uzbek band performing on folk instruments, became a wonderful way to finish the official part. Tashkent struck all guests as a beautiful city, with clean and wide streets, shady parks and fountains.

Moreover, all guests were able to meet both legal community of Uzbekistan and its rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as nature and authentic cuisine. For everyone who wanted to get a closer look at the country, event hosts organized a tour through its cities Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, the Kyzyl-Kum desert and Khiva. The guests were able to see the beautiful antique monuments and architecture protected by UNESCO, visit a ski resort, buy national clothes, ceramics and wooden souvenirs with the finest carved ornaments.

Uzbekistan is a country with an ancient history and traditions, rich in historical artifacts, trade and crafts since the days of the Great Silk Road. It is the country with actively developing business and tourism, oil and gas reserves It was globally ranked globally third in export area, sixth — in cotton production, seventh — in uranium reserves, fourth — in terms of reserves, and seventh — in gold production. Without a doubt, it was one of the most interesting venues where organized the International Legal Week Forum. All guests will remember it for both its acute official program and originality



Advocates Bureau Yug Defended the Client by Ensuring that over 150 False and Irrelevant Search Results was Blocked by Search Engines on the Internet.

Search engines Google and Yandex have been publishing unreliable and irrelevant data about the client on the Internet, which lost its meaning to the client. We have prepared and sent messages to search engine operators requesting to block search results about index of webpages on the Internet due to the data inaccuracy, as search engine operators refused to satisfy voluntarily.


According to Part 7, Art. 10.3, Federal Law No. 149-FZ dated 27.07.2006 "On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection", if a search engine operator fails to justify its refusal, a person has right to file into the court a claim on blocking search results about information specified in the applicants request.

The client did not agree with the refusal of the search engine operators, since the posted data was irrelevant and lost its meaning due to subsequent events, as well as photos were posted illegally, without the clients consent. In particular, it breached Art. 152.1 (the Russian Civil Code “Protection of the citizens image”), which violated the rights and legitimate interests of the client. The unreliable information was verified by the documents collected and provided by us.

On February 22, 2022, the Krasnodar Oktyabrsky District Court decided to satisfy the claim in full. This court decision will allow to block the search results of unreliable and irrelevant data about the ABYs client in search engines on the Internet.

Yuri Pustovit, ABYs Managing partner, represented the clients interests in the court



The Advocates Bureau Yug Successfully Defended the Largest Grid Operator of the Southern Russia in Dispute with a Customer on Construction of Network Equipment

Our client, the largest grid company in the Southern Russia, has signed a contract with the customer on reconstruction of electrical networks and substations in the Temryuk district of the Krasnodar region. The works were carried out on the basis of the customers requests, and their phased performance was formalized by statements. However, when it came to payment, the customer refused to pay, arguing that the contract, annexes and statements were forged by the client.


We filed a lawsuit against the customer in the Krasnodar Region Commercial Court to recover the costs of works paid and penalties for overdue payment. In addition, we referred to the fact that upon completing the works, parties had a partial settlement, including the disputed contract, accepted by the customer without a word. In court the customer claimed that the evidence provided by ABYs lawyers was falsified, However, the examination appointed by the court confirmed that the signatures and seals of the customer to be authentic.

On September 6, 2021, the Krasnodar Region Commercial Court satisfied the clients claim fully, and recovered work costs of 36 562 304.15 RUB (taking into account previous settlement) and a penalty of 35 418 214.65 RUB.

The Fifteenth Commercial Appeal Court upheld the decision of the first instance court on February 19, 2022.

Senior associate Sergey Radchenko represented the clients in the court of first and appeal instances.



The Advocates Bureau Yug Successfully Defended a Major entrepreneur in a Dispute on 500 Million RUB Recovery Under a Forged Surety Bond Agreement.

A company filed a claim against ABYs client into the Krasnodar Leninsky District Court on recovery of 560 million rubles under the loan agreement. ABYs lawyer stated that surety bonds agreement was falsified by the plaintiff in order to subsequently bring the defendant to bankruptcy and seize his assets.


During the case two forensic examinations were conducted. According to the first expert, the contract was signed by the defendant, however, ABY managed to achieve that the court appointed the second complex examination. The second expert discovered that the signature was executed by another person and the contract was made four years later than it was dated. These conclusions, as well as a number of other inconsistencies and indirect signs indicated by ABY, allowed us to convince the court that the main evidence was falsified. The court refused to satisfy the plaintiffs claims in full.

ABYs lawyer Zakhar Khrebtov represented the client’s interests in the court.



On February 10 – 12, 2022, Advocates Bureau Yug and Legal Media Held a Legal Forum "WINTER LEGAL WEEK 2022"

As general, Advocates Bureau Yug and Legal Media became organizers of a new legal forum WINTER LEGAL WEEK 2022, with information support from Yug Times, social and political weekly newspapers. Over 200 lawyers and advocates from Moscow, St. Petersburg and many Russian regions took part in it. Representatives of major international companies also attended the forum.


The event was held in Radisson Rosa Khutor Hotel – the place was not chosen by chance. According to the organizers, the Sochi ski resort, located in Krasnaya Polyana, is an ideal place for such events, since it allows you to organize both fruitful work and enjoy quality rest. While welcoming the participants, Yuri Pustovit, Managing Partner of the Advocates Bureau Yug, noted that such meetings in Sochi, during the ski season, are becoming a tradition. And despite charms of online events, live communication remains the most effective way of interaction.

By the way, "interaction" was the main concept of the both informal and business parts of the forum. The main agenda involved topics on interaction within a companies, among themselves and relations between business and the state.

Financial transparency and attorney-client privilege

Speech by Vladimir Efremov, partner of the company "", about "Forced financial transparency of lawyers and business" aroused great interest and became the subject of lively discussions. The speaker highlighted the trends of "anti-laundering" regulations, stipulated by the Central Bank and Rosfinmonitoring in 2022.

Now, in order to stimulate more effective legalization of crime profits, all entrepreneurs and organizations providing legal services are required to identify their clients, monitor transactions and report any cases of suspicions payments to Rosfinmonitoring. These actions are not recognized as a violation of attorney-client privilege.

The data is to be transmitted under certain procedure, and managements of law firms are obliged to develop internal control regulations for their employees, which shall stipulate the said procedure, deadlines for data providing, forms of documents, etc. The following sanctions will be applied to organizations that do not comply with the new requirements: a fine of 400.000 RUB and banking restrictions (blocked accounts, refusal to conduct transactions).

"Traffic light" from the Central Bank

Another innovation is expected in the summer. This federal law comes into force on July 1, which launches the KYC (Know Your Customer) platform from the Central Bank. A program is based on daily data on all questionable transactions conducted in the country (collected data on all current bank accounts), will divide Russian business into three risk levels: green, yellow, red.

Customers of the red zone will be completely cut off from the banking system. They will not be able to open accounts, conduct transactions, transfer funds. Moreover, they will be deprived of the right to use funds from their current bank account.

Similar, albeit smaller, sanctions are expected by customers of the yellow zone.

Upon receiving information from the Central Bank, banks will be required to consider the degree of risks determined by Rosfinmonitoring and respond accordingly. The system is already working in test mode, and Russian lawyers will have to identify there each potential client, preferably, before signing the contract.

If we talk about how these innovations can affect the activities of law firms in real life, then, in addition to the increased flow of documents and new job responsibilities for employees, as well as the risk of 0.5 million rubles fine, the relations with clients, who can no longer count on attorney-client confidentiality, will likely deteriorate significantly. Moreover, Vladimir Efremov stressed in his speech that there is a risk for law firms to be in the "red zone" themselves.

“Rosfinmonitoring and the Central Bank have an internal data exchange, informing banks about companies to which they must pay attention and additionally check their activities,” Efremov said. “If a law firm has many clients from yellow and red zones, and if Rosfinmonitoring sends a recommendation to the bank, saying to pay extra attention the said firm, then general measures will be applied to the law firm in accordance with the law “On countering the legalization (laundering) of crime profits ...”. To put it simply, even one client from the "red zone" will drag down their lawyer or law firm. Thus, the company may face with a refusal to conduct transactions on the current bank account, to use the funds on the account. There is also a possibility that the bank unilaterally terminates service agreement with the company or even bans it from opening new bank accounts.

The personal data “worth”

Mikhail Khokholkov, the leading lawyer of the Law Firm INTELLECT, spoke about changes in the law "On Personal Data", which will adjust the activities of all lawyers and advocates, as well as most modern digital projects, including startups. One of these changes will involve biometric data, including photos.

Previously Roskomnadzor’s explanation stated that a photo can be considered biometrics only when certain conditions (GOST, angle, requirements) are met. Last year in Decembe this explanation officially lost its relevance. So far, lawyers do not fully understand how to act in new conditions. However, it is clear that it will not be possible to use photographic materials as before. This is especially true for small and medium-sized projects that simply will not be able to pass the necessary accreditation, as one of the requirements for its successful completion is the authorized capital of 50 million rubles for an operator who plans to use biometrics processing for authentication in their activities. Regarding identification, the financial security should already amount to 100 million rubles.

Only major players will be able to comply with the new requirements, while representatives of medium and small businesses must either find opportunities for multimillion-dollar support to implement their projects, or otherwise develop business processes, excluding the use of biometrics.

At risk: media, lawyers, notaries

The risks under new conditions are that the number of complaints received by Roskomnadzor from citizens may increase, particularly, due to the Citizens Legal Protection Center in the digital environment created by Roskomnadzor. Over the past year alone, the center has prepared over a thousand applications to the courts. Now it may happen more often.

If previously, upon receiving a complaint, Roskomnadzor carried out a lengthy procedure before drawing up a protocol, now the documents are immediately sent to the court. Accordingly, lawyers should be ready to protect interests of companies. “The innovation can become a means of unfair competition,” noted Mikhail Khokholkov, a leading lawyer at Law Firm INTELLECT, a member of the Roskomnadzor working group on Personal Data, a member of the expert council on advertising legislation of the FAS of the Russian Federation.

“We are already seeing such a problem, especially in the cases of our clients, the media, who, by virtue of their professional activities, somehow operate with personal data,” said Khokholkov. “And we see how the number of appeals keeps increasing, no matter reasons.

The problem is that if the request is made within the framework of the law on personal data, each operator must respond to it. The lack of an answer is an independent part of an administrative offense, very painful one. This is also relevant for liquidators, for lawyers who operate with evidence, personal data of witnesses and other participants in the process. We have already met such cases, too.”

International experience

The speech of a Siemens representative aroused a great interest. Anastasia Fomicheva, Director of the Legal and Ethical Compliance Department of Siemens Healthcare, spoke about the working specifics of a large international company.

“In 2007, I came to work at Siemen and as a Russian lawyer I was surprised that the contract necessarily provides for a provision on limited liability,” Anastasia Fomicheva said. “For me it was something new, incomprehensible, unusual. But over time, I got an interesting answer. If we hypothetically imagine a situation when there is a sudden breach of obligations under all the contracts that Siemens has concluded, and the liability will not be limited, then this will force the company to pay unlimited amounts to all its counterparties. As a result, this can lead to the companys bankruptcy. Of course, such a situation is unlikely, but this is the peculiar view of a foreign companies. If there is a risk (even if it is theoretical and, most likely, from the field of fiction), it should be excluded.”

Non-fulfillment of technical conditions equals termination of the contract

During his speech Sergey Radchenko, Senior associate at the Advocates Bureau Yug, suggested considering a common case: the customer fails to fulfill obligations under the contract with the network company on technological connection. In this situation, how can the network company terminate the contract and reimburse its expenses?

“There is a huge amount of judicial practice,” said Sergey Radchenko. “Over the past 10 years I have studied it all and I can say that this is an absolutely typical situation when a network company fulfills its obligations, spends a lot of money, then comes to its senses, but the tariff has already been exceeded, and the customer is in no hurry to pay. This is where the litigation begins.”

According to his own experience, Sergey Radchenko further explained that the company had managed to build a substation, laid cable lines, built air networks (with enormous costs), but payment was not received. Logically, the performer wanted to terminate relationship with a negligent client and reimburse the expenses. Sergey Radchenko offered practical guidance on how to get out of this situation.

One can terminate the contract for several reasons:

- Part 2, Article 328, the Russian Civil Code (the so-called foreseeable violation) with the recovery of losses calculated according to the model of negative contractual interest;

- Article 450, the Russian Civil (essential breach of the contract with the recovery of all expenses incurred as losses);

- Article 451, the Russian Civil Code on significant change in circumstances (expenses are collected on the basis of a courts decision, according to which the costs are fairly divided by the parties).

Regarding what exactly can be recovered the speaker also offered here several options:

- costs (for the preparation and issuance of technical conditions, their approval by the system operator, as well as for the preparation of necessary documentation and execution of design and construction works);

- VAT (20% regardless of the time of signing the contract);

- penalty (within the term of the contract and technical conditions).

As evidence, one can submit any accounting documentation, works performance contract, and, if necessary, the results of the examination.

Sergey Radchenko also noted that judicial practice established a rule that is not in the law, but nevertheless it is relevant.

“It is impossible to collect expenses more than the tariff for technical connection”, the speaker noted. “But what if the amount of expenses is higher? Practice shows that it is still impossible to recover, no matter how much the costs exceed the tariffs. But recently, a new practice has been very cautiously emerging, according to which the network company can add this difference to the tariff for electricity transmission services.

The experts of the forum highlighted the maximum number of questions from various branches of law. During the working sessions, the legal risks of business, including those related to such a large-scale area as bankruptcy, were discussed. The participants of the sessions discussed proposals for making business decisions, gave recommendations on determining the insolvency of counterparties. They also considered an algorithm for assessing risks and profits when deciding on the involvement of a company in litigation.

At the end of the working sessions, the forum participants noted how effective the business program of the event was, as well as its informal part. Thanks to this combination, the delegates had the opportunity to relax and share their experiences at the same time.

The Winter Legal Forum of the Southern Russia was held in Sochi for the second time, however, for many years the web-portal and Advocates Bureau Yug have been the organizers of similar autumn event, which takes place in September in the coastal part of the resort. In 2022, the forum in autumn will gather guests and participants for the 14th time.

Sergey Kovalev, Managing Partner of the Bar Association “Kovalev, Tugushi and Partners”:

“All speakers were interesting. The business program is a concentrated squeeze of red lines in favour of business and lawyerrs. The organizers managed to find the right format and the right speakers. As for the informal part, the atmosphere is very pleasing. There are many lawyers at the forum who can communicate with each other in a comfortable environment, find common ground. Usually we encounter, as a rule, only when we have joint problems. And we often find ourselves on different sides of the barricades. And here, the meeting with opponents takes place in a comfortable atmosphere, you can talk about abstract topics without touching everyday problems and get to know a person from the other side. Its always good and pleasant experience

Yuri Pustovit, Managing Partner of Advocates Bureau Yug:»

“As one of the organizer, I can note that the current agenda of the forum is vivid discussions, which means that the topics resonate with experience of participants and speakers.

If we compare the current forum with the last years one, then in 2021 it was more intimate, and the atmosphere was almost family-like. However, I am glad that the number of participants is increasing. If last year we received about 70 guests, now it is almost three times more. The geography of the event has also expanded, and lawyers not only from Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also from various regions of Russia, including Vladivostok and Siberia, came to Sochi. This year we deliberately made the business part capacious and expanded the informal program, giving our guests the opportunity to take part in winter sports competitions and get enjoyment on the mountain slopes. Lawyers usually work a lot and have little rest, so the balance is shifted towards informal communication, which proved to be important and effective.”

Alexey Otradnov, Commercial Director of the web-portal “”:

“Last year brought together about 70 participants, now there are more than two hundred, such growth is certainly pleasing. The event has become larger, still intense and, I believe, will continue to develop and grow in the future. We see that the delegates really like the format, everyone is actively working. If we talk about the practical benefits of the event, I note that we are uniting the market. This is a unique and useful opportunity to communicate. Plus, we try to highlight the relevant: the agenda in the area of bankruptcy and litigation, everything that happens on the market in general, and give our participants the most saturated information.”



Yuri Pustovit and Sergey Radchenko Ranked in the Individual Legal Ranking “”

On February 11, 2021, published an individual ranking of Russian lawyers. This year, the number of participants in the ranking has increased – it is 1,048 vs. 717 from last year. It is not a surprise, as the number of participants and branches of the main ranking has also increased.


The ranking evaluated three significant projects in which lawyers took part from September 2020 to September 2021, their legal experience, employment period in a company, special achievements and awards (for example, participation in other rankings). Advocates Bureau Yug is represented in by two lawyers.

Yuri Pustovit, ABY’s Managing partner:

- Arbitration proceedings (major disputes) - 1 band;

- Dispute resolution in courts of general jurisdiction – 2 band.

Sergey Radchenko, ABY’s Head of Judicial and arbitration practice:

- Arbitration proceedings (major disputes) - 1 band;

- Dispute resolution in courts of general jurisdiction – 2 band.

The Individual Legal Ranking “”



Advocates Bureau Yug Successfully Defended a Major Russian Supplier of Agriculture Seeds Against Unreasonable Claims of the Buyer

The ABYs client, a major Russian supplier of agriculture seeds, made a shipment of winter rye to a buyer – the farmer from the Bryansk region. The farmer sowed it, but the rye did not rise well. The farmer got an expert examination at the Bryansk State Agrarian University that the poor germination was caused by discrepancy between GOST standards and the seeds supplied. Therefore, the buyer filed a claim against ABYs client to recover loss of 101.000.000 RUB due to poor quality of the seed supplied.


Loss includes costs of sowing and loss of profit, i.e. the profit that the buyer failed to gain due to poor quality of the seed supplied. The client filed counterclaim against the buyer to recover the debt on payment of the disputed seeds and a loan for the use of funds in the amount of 15.000.000 RUB.

The Krasnodar Region Commercial Court satisfied the farmers claim fully and dismissed the clients counterclaim.

ABYs lawyers took on the case after the Court had made a decision. We analyzed the case and prepared an appeal claim. We pointed out that the Krasnodar Region Commercial Court had no proofs of poor quality of the seed supplied, since Rosselkhoznadzor conducted two inspections and confirmed that the seeds comply with GOST standards. Thus, the Court had no reasons to believe the pre-trial examination, as it was not actually carried out, and the quality claim was filed beyond the contracts time limit, and the farmer provided no proof of losss amount and violated rules for its calculation.

The 15th Commercial Appeal court agreed with ABYs arguments, canceled the previous decision. Dismissed the buyers claim and satisfied the clients counterclaim fully.

The clients interests were represented by ABYs Senior Associate Sergey Radchenko.

Please, follow the link to watch video news of Kuban24 TV channel.



Advocates Bureau Yug Successfully Defended a Major Russian Plant in a dispute over the invalidity of transactions and losses of 1.4 billion rubles, which caused a corporate conflict

ABYs client, the major supplier of KAMAZ and Russian Railways, was involved in a court dispute on recovery of losses from his counterparty on transactions that one of the clients shareholders considered unprofitable and invalid, 8 years after their conclusion and execution.


The client was involved in the trial as a third party, but subsequently became a defendant. The clients shareholder estimated the losses of 1.4 billion rubles. However, within 2.5 years the shareholder failed to provide any convincing evidence that controversial transactions had caused negative consequences to the client. The shareholders claim created significant risks for the client, as the client would have to return raw materials (received under the transaction) to the counterparty. Taking into account the market prices, it would cost about 1.4 billion RUB, which might would call into question financial and economic state of the client and caused to cease his business.

The Commercial Court of the Bashkortostan Republic agreed with our argument and dismissed the shareholders claim. The motivation of the decision on our appeal claim was adjusted by the 18th Commercial Appeal Court. The Ural District Arbitration Court upheld the said decisions.

ABYs lawyer Ekaterina Fedenko represented interests of the client in trial.

The Commercial Court of the Bashkortostan Republic agreed with our argument and dismissed the shareholders claim. The motivation of the decision on our appeal claim was adjusted by the 18th Commercial Appeal Court. The Ural District Arbitration Court upheld the said decisions.

ABYs lawyer Ekaterina Fedenko represented interests of the client in trial.

represented interests of the client in trial.



Advocates Bureau Yug Successfully Defended a Major Russian Businessman in his Own Bankruptcy Case

ABYs client is a major Russian businessman, residing in Krasnodar region and managing contractor activity at repairing petroleum pipelines and relevant infrastructure. In 2015 the client got into the corporate conflict with his former business partner which caused him to leave Russia. Later the tax inspection took place and revealed a number of unprofitable transactions, carried out by the client and his business partner. Meanwhile, the client’s business partner filed a claim into the Krasnodar Region Commercial Court on behalf of the company in order to recognize the client as a bankrupt and recover loss of 5.4 billion RUB, which the company, allegedly, suffered due to the clients management.


The Krasnodar Region Commercial Court fully satisfied the claim.

We took the case during appeal proceedings. We managed to prove an appeal court that the Company was managed jointly by the client and his business partner and, therefore, both shareholder can recover no losses of the Company from each other. The appeal court agreed with our arguments and reduced the amount of the clients liability from 5.4 billion RUB to 300.000 RUB.

Our opponents filed a cassation appeal against the appeal courts ruling. We participated in the court hearings in the Commercial Court of the North Caucasus District. The District Court agreed with ABYs legal position and upheld the appeal decision.

Managing partner Yuri Pustovit and Senior associate Sergey Radchenko represented the clients interests in the court of cassation.



Advocates Bureau Yug Has Proved the Viability of Deals Between the Newspaper Publisher with the Debtor Company.

The insolvency representative of the debtor company filed a claim on challenging transactions and recovering an ‘unreasonably received’ money from the newspaper publisher for advertising services and charitable subscriptions.


The case has been hearing in the Krasnodar Region Commercial court for almost two years. Despite the evidence presented, the court concluded that transactions damage property rights of creditors. The court recognized the deals to be imaginary and used as a cover-up of payment for defamatory publications. Thus, the court fully satisfied the claim.

However, the board of judges of the 15th Commercial Appeal court canceled the ruling of the Krasnodar Region Commercial court and dismissed claims of insolvency representative.

During the appeal consideration it was possible to prove that the disputed deals had a reimbursable and real nature, and were concluded under normal market conditions and in favour of the debtor. The Appeal court recognized that exhaustive evidence of the parties’ legal relations was left unassessed properly. The court recognized no collusion between the parties, no intentions to cause damage to the debtor, no unfair behavior (abuse of law).

As a result, the initial decision was canceled, the insolvency representative claims were refused. The client’s interests were represented by a lawyer Alexey Demekhin.



Advocates Bureau Yug Successfully Defended a Mineral Water Exporter Against Claim on Reputational Loss and Damage

Our client exports mineral water, which he buys from suppliers in Caucasian mineral waters. Rostov customs detained several shipments due to strange protected designations of origin (PDO) water labels. According to the customs statements, the Rostov Region Commercial Court found the client guilty of 10 case, where POD rights were violated, and imposed a fine on the client.


The client filed an appeal to the Stavropol Region Commercial Court against the water supplier. The client claimed to recover the fines imposed as damages. The supplier filed a counterclaim against the client, asking to recover reputational damage, caused, allegedly, by the fact that the client did not involve the supplier in the cases considered by the Stavropol Region Commercial Court. The court declined the clients claim and satisfied the suppliers one. Upon making the decision, and at the suppliers request, the court took measures to ensure the decisions enforcement and seized the clients property in the amount of recovered damages.

We took the case after the court made the decision. We prepared appeals against the decision and enforcement measures. The Sixteenth Commercial Appeal Court canceled enforcement measures at first hearing and proceeded to consider the case under regulations of first instance courts. On November 24, 2021, the court made a resolution canceling the decision of first instance court, canceling the initial claim and counterclaim.

Senior associate Sergey Radchenko and associate Ekaterina Fedenko represented the clients interests in the appeal court.

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Advocates Bureau Yug Ranked in Three Categories of the “” Ranking

The ranking “”, hosted by the web portal of the same name, has been known as “legal Oscar” for years. For 12 years in a row, despite the difficulties caused by COVID19, the best law firms in the country from 37 law areas has been awarded. The theme of the 12th award ceremony, hosted on December 2 in Moscow, was inspired by its unofficial name.


The ranking keeps evolving every year, making its research more complex and deeper, meanwhile new participants and nominations appear. This year innovation of the ranking was to divide some law areas into subgroups: large disputes and medium disputes. The Arbitration proceedings — major focus of Advocates Bureau Yug —underwent the change.

According to the ranking, the ABY was nominated as follows:

Arbitration proceedings (High market) - 1 band;

-Dispute resolution in courts of general jurisdiction – 2 band;

- Revenue volume - 8th place.

Despite the increasing competition and worthy players in the legal market, this year Advocates Bureau Yug proved reputation of high level law firm. Of course, every ABY’s employee made a contribution to a well-deserved victory and a rightful place in the ranking.

To see other results of the ranking, please, follow the link:Юг

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Senior Associate Sergey Radchenko Became Speaker at the Legal Forum “Business Law 2021”

Senior associate Sergey Radchenko became a speaker at the legal forum “Business Law 2021”, co-hosted by Advocates Bureau YUG. The forum was designed to bring together both in-house lawyers and private-practice attorneys to exchange practical experience and promotional tools, network and cooperate in the future.


The guests discussed various trends in jurisprudence: trends in judicial practice on bringing to criminal responsibility for losses caused in bankruptcy; criminal prosecution of lawyers and attorneys; development of business mediation in Russia; benefits of family disputes for lawyers; offline vs online court trials; working legal marketing tools and so on.

Sergey Radchenkos speech aroused animated discussion among the participants. It covered specifics of the southern region such as court cases related to the electric power industry, fine charging for marine pollution, personal bankruptcies, unauthorized construction, land seizure from foreigners, business seizure, and consumer extremism.

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Advocates Bureau YUG Ranked Among the Best Law Firms Focusing on Insolvency (Bankruptcy) Cases, As Said the Legal Portal “Pravo.Ru”

On September 28, 2021, the legal portal “Pravo.Ru” published the rating results of law firms dealing with bankruptcy cases. While the rate of insolvency case keeps increasing due to the pandemic, the legal portal “Pravo.Ru” decided to highlight companies that are successfully engaged in law area.


The analysis was carried out on the basis of questionnaires sent by companies. The data reflects the total amount recovered as a result of the dispute, the number of decisions in the final instances, the trial result and the average amount of the dispute. The analysis was also based on data upon examining several thousand court decisions adopted by commercial courts during 2020.

Thus, analysts divided the leading firms into two groups: law firms with long-standing (more than 30 cases per year) and boutique practices (10-30 cases per year).

Advocates Bureau YUG also took part of the examination and was included into the third band of federal ranking of companies with boutique practice.

For further information, please, follow the link to “Pravo.Ru” website: сайте «Право.Ru»

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XIII Annual Legal Forum of the Southern Russia Took Place in Sochi on September 9-11, 2021

Law in action The XIII Annual Legal Forum of the Southern Russia 2021, organized by, Advocates Bureau YUG and global law firm Dentons, traditionally took place in Sochi. For three days lawyers had been enthusiastically participating in expert networking and an impressive sailing regatta — constant feature of the Forum. They shared their experience of successful and precedent cases and specificity of southern regions. Major part of the discussion covered bankruptcy cases, and even touched on topics such as why it is important for representatives of the legal community to build their own brands.


platforms. Moreover, such cases affect millions of citizens who are users of the data blocked by the court.

“Such disputes are peculiar due to parties involved. Under the law the authority acts as the plaintiff is the authority, and the website owner acts as the defendant, but only if the owner can be identified. Usually the authorities prefer to not waste time. Therefore, there are the following parties in such cases in real trial — the prosecutor as the plaintiff and Rospotrebnadzor as the defendant. The latter does not respond to the claim, and on this basis the court satisfies the claim on blocking the data,” Mr. Zaytsev explained, “but recently such cases are increasing in number. And the cause is prosecutors creating positive statistics for themselves.

Roman Zaitsev pointed out that nowadays many Internet websites were unprotected from blocking. While considering such cases the courts focus on whether there is administrative responsibility for actions described in website data. If so, the website can be blocked. “People use gaps in the law to block their competitors. Therefore, if you encounter such a case, I remind you that during proceedings the court shall not mix cases on blocking information and blocking activities of publishing houses,” Mr. Zaitsev said, “Data on the Internet shall not be subjected to unjustified restrictions.”

Business protection

If the first part of the official program covered such topics as how to competently protect the business, the second part was dedicated to how companies shall conduct their activities so as to not cross borders and to not be subject to liability under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Anton Gusev, Head of the Criminal Defense Practice at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (Russia) LLP, spoke about how current business issues can lead to serious consequences using a well-known company as the example.

“To attract foreign partners the company opened a subsidiary in Cyprus in the mid-90s. At that time, it was quite a common practice. Nowadays it is a whole holding company which owns various properties. The management remembers about the foreign subsidiaries and decides to buy the shares back. These transactions lead to FSB checking. A case was initiated on performing currency operations of transferring funds in foreign currency to non-resident accounts using forged documents. At the same time, fraud was incriminated on a particularly large scale,” Anton Gusev said.

He also urged his colleagues to be careful when making such transactions and to prepare documents thoroughly. “In such a situation,” Mr. Gusev said, “companies can also be imputed to tax evasion and withdrawal of money to foreign accounts.

Maria Korchagina, partner of the Advocates Bureau ZKS, advised on how to protect the company from illegal or untimely seizure of documents by law enforcement agencies.

According to Maria, nowadays law enforcement officers are actively working in this direction, but they are not always driven by the law. They are often involved by competitors or contractors who need to initiate a criminal case against an entrepreneur in order to use it in civil proceedings.

“Practice shows that it is better to not store important documents in the office at all. It prevents such situations when law enforcement officers seize all the documents paralyzing activity of the company,” the expert recommended.

According to Maria Korchagina, large companies should store documents in a remote archive and pay for it from the companys accounts. Moreover, the expert is sure that only two or three employees of the company shall know the location of the documents.

“Upon seizure, investigative and other authorities may store documents up to 10 years. During this time, entrepreneurs may need certain documents, but they will not be available. Therefore, it is better to keep in the office only current documents and reports on the unclosed tax period,” Maria Korchagina said.

The expert also recommended that small and medium-sized businesses shall not forget to protect the documents and organize appropriate staff training so that employees would know how to act in situations when documents might be seized.

The expert pointed out the significance of storing electronic documentation. She noted that it is very important to have a secure server, to save files on foreign clouds, as well as to establish remote access to the said server at any time. It may help you to stop data downloading, even if authorities have already started copying it.

Predictive protection

Upon discussing possible threat scenarios for business, the forum guests smoothly moved to minimizing them. Olga Zhdanova, a partner at INTELLECT, gave some tips on how to protect yourself from challenging transactions in the event of a counterpartys bankruptcy. According to the expert, the most important thing is to make sure that the transaction is real. Moreover, it is important to fill out the primary documents correctly, to avoid offsets and payments to third parties.

In his turn, Sergey Shorin, Head of M&A department of Pepeliaev Group, focused on one universal mechanism which ensured the interests of both parties in the transaction. The expert explained that it was wrong to reduce such a tool as an escrow account exclusively to shared-equity construction. “It has a much wider scope of application,” Mr. Shorin said.

“When the seller and the buyer do not trust each other, there is a suspended state when one of them shall take the first step. Escrow just allows one to solve this "first step" problem,” Sergey Shorin added. Moreover, if initially only a bank could act as an escrow agent, now Russian legislation does not contain such a restriction. Particularly, an independent third party may be a lawyer, an attorney, a law firm, a notary public. In Germany, for example, the escrow agent is a bank only in half of the cases, in the remaining 50 % — lawyers and notaries. In Russia, lawyers could also provide an additional service to their clients and act as a guarantor of transactions.

The name defines

Upon discussing all the tools and mechanisms for helping entrepreneurs and other clients, the lawyers moved on to a discussion on how to attract a principal. In particular, the topic of the final session covered a topic of building a lawyers personal brand.

“Building a personal brand resembles the building of communism: many people wanted, but only few succeeded,” Ruslan Ibragimov, MTS Vice president for communication with state authorities, drew an analogy. Moreover, a personal brand is based on two pillars – reputation and scope. The workplace, personal and professional qualities, ideas with which a lawyer goes out to the public are important. One can talk about a lawyers personal brand when the lawyer is known by people beyond his law colleagues.

At the very beginning of the discussion, the guests came to the conclusion that the product is a priority. And it is important that the packaging promoted by a lawyer corresponds to its internal content.

Andrey Panov, advisor from Allen & Overy, noted that posts in SNS and mentions in the media are just a projection. “And if it does not correspond to reality, the legal market will find out about it sooner or later,” the expert said.

Ivan Apatov, Managing partner of White Collar Strategy, suggested that a lawyers personal brand is how he copes with any crisis situations.

Natalia Totahevage, Director of Legal Affairs at Abbott Laboratories, also pointed out in her speech that one shall proceed carefully while building a personal brand. “Sometimes it is better to make small conscious efforts or even take a pause, rather than uncontrollably trying to express yourself in different guises,” she stressed.

“The law is one big system of risk distribution between different entities. And we, as lawyers, should analyze these risks and reduce them to zero wherever it is possible,” Yuri Pustovit concluded at the end of the forum.

He also noted that guests of the Legal Forum of the South of Russia 2021discussed in detail how exactly it shall be done. It means that they will return to work with new ideas and information about unique cases.

The forum ended with a sailing regatta, where guest were divided into teams and honed their sailing skills. The winners were honored with medals and champagne.

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Advocates Bureau Yug Successfully Defended Global Clothing Retail Company Suffered from Consumer Extremism

Krasnodar office of the global clothing retail company contacted ABY having three binding district court’s decisions. Every time the consumers-plaintiffs implemented the same scheme: to buy jeans and a shirt in a store and immediately discover defects of the goods such as unstable fabric paint. Moreover, the purchased clothing painted interior of the consumers’ cars. Thus, along with claims on recovery costs of the goods, penalties and fines, the plaintiffs requested to recover damages, and it is a significant sums of money. Total recovery claims of all cases are around one million rubles.


While the court of first instance was considering the cases, several grave procedural violations took place: the client (defendant) was improperly informed about the hearings, court decisions and the very existence of court cases. The ABY’s client learned about the said when the plaintiffs presented writs of execution into the bank to write off funds recovered by the court. Moreover, the court failed to appoint forensic examinations, but based its decisions on extremely dubious expert opinions carried out by the plaintiffs at their own expense before the trial. Also, the plaintiffs applied ‘judicial tourism’ in a districts of the Krasnodar region.

During consideration of cases in the Krasnodar Regional Court, our opponents tried in every possible way to get the proceedings on cases suspended or delayed, while abusing procedural rights. Nevertheless, we managed to get the appeals considered on the merits. The appeal court agreed with ABY’s arguments, canceled all three decisions and made new ones. According to them, the court refused to satisfy the plaintiffs’ claims in full.

Associate Zakhar Khrebtov and Senior associate Sergey Radchenko represented the client’s interests in the court.

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Alexey Demekhin, a lawyer of Advocates Bureau Yug, received an award at the Triumph Contest

The contest was established five years ago by the Yug Times Weekly under protection of the Civic Chamber of the Krasnodar region.


The guests of the event were pros, who achieved significant success in various areas: science and education, medicine and art, business and management. The contest was accompanied by the media project ‘Triumph: Story of Success’. During the year, while the finalists are being selected, Yug Times Weekly publishes articles about career, aspirations and values of the nominees in its weekly edition and website.

The winner award ceremony ‘Triumph 2020-2021’ took place at the Krasnodar Academic Drama Theater named after Maxim Gorky.

Lawyer Alexey Demekhin received the award for his achievements in jurisprudence area.

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Best lawyers 2022 Recognized Yuri Pustovit and Sergey Radchenko as Leading Lawyers in 5 Law Areas

On June 10, 2021, the Best Lawyers international ranking, founded in the USA in 1981, published their recommendations on best lawyers. The selection is based on the reviews of colleagues — the same legal professionals. To be recognized by the Best Lawyers is a lawyer’s individual ranking brand.


Yuri Pustovit, Managing Partner of Advocates Bureau Yug, has been recommended as the best lawyer since 2016 in such law areas as Arbitration and Mediation, Energy and Natural Resources Law, Land Use and Zoning Law, Litigation.

Senior associate Sergey Radchenko has been a represented in the ranking since 2020 as the best lawyer in such law areas as Litigation and Real Estate Law.

Please, for more information about the ranking follow the link:

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Yuri Pustovit, Managing partner of Advocates Bureau Yug, was awarded with the medal "Honoured Lawyer of Kuban"

Yuri Pustovit, ABYs Managing partner, was awarded with the medal "Honoured Lawyer of Kuban" by the Krasnodar Region Bar Association.


The award ceremony took place on June 12 — the Russian Advocacy Day. The celebration was held in the great hall of the Kuban Cossack Choir. Lawyers of the Krasnodar region were invited to the event.

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Advocates Bureau Yug Successfully Defended Major Metal Product Manufacturer of Russia

50% shareholder of the plant – one of the largest manufacturer of metal products in Russia — challenged the contracts of agency and supply of customer-owned raw materials concluded between the plant and one of its major suppliers. The shareholder considered these transactions invalid, as they were concluded with violation of requirements for large transactions and related-party transactions, as well as due to the abuse in rights by the supplier. The shareholder also requested to recover 1.4 billion RUB from the supplier as a restitution.


Advocates Bureau Yug represented the interests of the plant and the supplier in this case. We developed a legal position for our clients and represented their interests in the court of first instance. We highlighted that there are no grounds in this case for invalidation of transactions, since they are not large, and these transactions did not involve alienation of the plants property. Also, there were no mandatory sign of damage for invalidation of transactions as related-party ones. All the transactions gain economic profit for the plant as they as they save money for purchase of raw materials. Moreover, the plant receives agency fees under the transactions, as 1.4 billion RUB transferred by the plant to the supplier are the money received by the plant due to sale of metal products owned by the supplier. And as a result, this money belongs to the supplier, not the plant.

The Bashkortostan Republic Commercial Court agreed with our legal position and dismissed the claim fully on June 1, 2021.

Senior associate Sergey Radchenko and associate Ekaterina Fedenko represented both clients in the court.

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Yug Times Daily Published Interview with Yuri Pustovit, Managing partner of Advocates Bureau Yug

As the Russia’s Advocacy Day is approaching, Yug Times Daily published an interview with Yuri Pustovit, Managing partner of Advocates Bureau Yug.


Please, follow the link to read the full interview:

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22.05.21 Ranked Advocates Bureau Yug Among the Best Litigators of Russia

On May 19, 2021, published results of the 5th law firms survey of litigation area. It is the most competitive branch of legal business, and it is replenished with new participants every year. Usually, federal and regional companies participating in the ranking were examined separately.


On order to take part in the survey, law firms had to provide data on several cases, monetary value of all cases in millions of rubles and average value of the claim. The classification of federal companies was divided according to the number of cases for 2020 year. Thus, two bands were allocated: 1st — from 30 cases and above, 2nd — from 10 to 30 cases. The regional ranking had no gradation.

Advocates Bureau Yug was ranked as regional litigators and took 1st place in 1st band. For more information, please visit the website of “”

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Advocates Bureau Yug Successfully Defended a Municipal Administration of Rostov Region

In this case, an interdistrict environmental prosecutor of Rostov region filed a claim into the Azov City Court of Rostov region against the ABYs client. The prosecutor claimed that the Decree of the Administration’ Head, re-lated to a formation of a certain land plot, its division, leasing and subsequent sale, was in-valid. The prosecutor also challenged all sub-sequent transactions with allocated land plots made by owners, requesting to recognize their ownership rights invalid, reclaim land plots and remove them from the cadastral register.


We turned courts attention to the following facts: all the decrees challenged by the prose-cutor are lawful; initially, the land plot was formed in accordance with requirements of land and urban planning legislations; all sub-sequent transactions with the land plot, and land plots removed from it, were lawful; citizensbuyers were goodfaith acquirers, thus, there were no grounds to invalidate their rights to the land plots and remove the latter from the cadastral register

On October 6, 2020 the Azov City Court satisfied the claims. Therefore, we filed an ap-peal claim, and on April 21, 2021, the Rostov Region Court cancel the previous decision and dismissed initial claims.

Senior associate Sergey Radchenko represented the clients in courts of first and appeal instances.

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Advocates Bureau Yug achieved a recovery of unjustified enrichment in favor of an Indian company.

ABY was contacted by the Indian company, the major global operator of online card game ‘Rummy’. Every year the client holds world championships. Its final part takes place in different cities of the world, and the best online players can participate.


The last championship was to be held in Sochi. However, Russia closed its borders and introduced pandemic restrictions banning mass events.

The company tried to recover the money prepaid for the services on championship organizing and accommodation, but to no avail. Russian contractor referred to the lack of proof of force majeure regarding relations of the parties, as well as to penalties under the contract.

The judge found defendants objections groundless. The Krasnodar Region Commercial Court satisfied the client’s claims on April 29, 2021.

ABY’s lawyer Alexey Demekhin defended the client in the trial.

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Chambers Europe 2012 Recommended Advocates Bureau Yug

On March 18, 2021, Chambers Europe 2021 published results of its annual global ranking. Advocates Bureau Yug was announced among leading law firms of Russia. ABY also got “Band 1” category in Business Law.


Yuri Pustovit, ABYs Managing partner, and Sergey Radchenko, ABY Senior associate, also got individual recommendations in Business Law. Band 1 an d Band 2, respectively.

The clients recognize Advocates Bureau Yug as a results-oriented firm with lawyers, who can find the best solutions.

According to survey results, Chambers noted that Yuri Pustovit was widely known in the legal market for his outstanding skills in corporate litigation and disputes with state authorities. An impressed client emphasizes his goal-oriented approach.

Chambers stated that Sergey Radchenko is qualified in wide range of corporate and corporate disputes. The interlocutor reported that he has "a non-standard approach and interesting solutions." Another source notes: "He combines the theoretical and practical sides."

The Chambers Europe ranking has been held every year for about 30 years. Lawyers and law firms are ranked according to several parameters, each studied by the research team. Chambers does not have any points system. The customers satisfaction is a crucial criterion, but Chambers also takes into account technical skills, diversity of experience, team stability and a commercial approach. The year-long study includes interviews with those who are active in the market - mostly clients and other lawyers, as well as an assessment of recent work done.

Follow the link to view the rating

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Kommersant Publishing House announced Advocate Bureau Yug as One of the Leaders of Legal Services Market in 2021

On March 17, 2021, Kommersant Publishing House published research results of “The best law firms”. The ranking research covers three categories – “The best law firms”, “The best industry law firms” and “Individual lawyers ranking”.


According to the ranking 2021, Advocates Bureau Yug was recognized as one of the best law firms in Russia. It also got recommendations in 2 law areas and 2 individual recommendations.

In category “The best law firms” Advocates Bureau Yug was recognized for:

- Arbitration and corporate dispute resolution, mid-market, regional ranking, Band 1,

- Disputes resolution in general jurisdiction courts, property relation disputes, regional ranking.

In category “Individual lawyers ranking”, ABYs Managing partner Yuri Pustovit got recommendations in the following categories: Corporate dispute resolution (regional ranking) and Disputes resolution in general jurisdiction courts (regional ranking).

Follow the link to view the rating

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Advocates Bureau Yug Successfully Defended Major Energy Company of the Southern Russia

A large company, an expert in construction of energy facilities, filed a claim to the Commer-cial court of the Krasnodar region against our client. The company claimed that the con-struction contract concluded upon auction between the client and another construction company shall be recognized as an invalid one due to it is being ostensible. The plaintiff claimed that the auction was held in order to artificially reduce workload that the plaintiff had performed previously at another clients facility, and the terms of the clients contract with another contractor are technically infeasible.


We developed a legal position for the client and represented his interests in the court. We pointed out that the plaintiff has no legitimate interest in invalidating the contract, as it has not been proved that the disputed contract violated his rights. Moreover, there are different subjects of the clients contracts with the plaintiff and with the second contractor, and both the client and the second contractor fulfilled properly their obligations under the disputed contract. Thus, by claiming the plaintiff illegitimately interfered in others peoples private life, which violated basic principles of civil law.

The Commercial court of the Krasnodar region dismissed the claim on September 28, 2020. On December 14th, 2020, the 15th Appeal Commercial Court uphold the said decision. The Commercial Court of North Caucasian Federal District dismissed the plaintiffs cassation appeal on March 4th, 2021.

Senior associate Sergey Radchenko represented the clients during proceedings.

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Two ABY’s Lawyers Were Ranked in the Individual Ranking

On March 11, 2021, the law firm ranking agency “” published for the second time individual recommendations on lawyers from ranked law firms alongside with results of the main law areas ranking. This year two lawyers from Advocates Bureau YUG got a positive feedback regarding their achievements in arbitration.


Yuri Pustovit Arbitration, 1 Band;

Sergey Radchenko Arbitration, 1 Band.

The ranking methodology is based on the most significant projects specified in the questionnaire from September 2019 to September 2020 (the study period) in 29 areas of law. The lawyers included in the "recommended" list were supposed to play a key role in the highest-rated projects of 2020 business season.

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Legal Conference on Business Protection Took Place in Kuban Region

In Sochi lawyers from all over Russia discussed cases on protecting business in post-quarantine period. As usual, Winter Legal Week Conference was organized by legal media outlet “” and Advocates Bureau YUG. Russian-English Yug Times Weekly was an information partner of the event.


The main topic of the Conference was an impressive list of risks awaiting business in 2021. Two sessions were held as a part of the business program. There were considered main triggers, which might lead companies to violations of the law and lawsuits.

At the Conference experts analyzed issues of operating a business during the pandemic and new legislations after quarantine, new regulations on cash transaction control and tax optimizations.

Sergey Radchenko, a moderator of the first session and Senior associate of Advocates Bureau YUG, started the conference inviting his colleagues to a professional and open dialogue.

"Nowadays entrepreneurs must bear more responsibility that ever towards their business and contracts to be concluded. Risks related to banking and tax systems often may lead to litigations, which could have been avoided beforehand," Sergey Radchenko said.

During the discussion, experts agreed that business may be held accountable for minor shortcomings. Nevertheless, the sanctions shall be applied the same as for serious offenses, such as money laundering, for example. Moreover, the lawyers noted that the majority of criminal cases against entrepreneurs were ruled in their favor, but they lasted for a long time and affected business.

According to Alexey Otradnov, organizer and Commercial director of, the Conference was held so as to aid business community in considering all possible risks. He also noted the importance of professional networking.

“While taking into account all news in the legislative sphere, we selected such a content, that both corporate lawyers and consultants were able to meet on the same platform. They always have to recognize all the risks in advance and find solutions,” Alexey Otradnov said.

Read more about the Winter Legal Week Conference in the next issue of the Yug Times Weekly.

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Advocates Bureau Yug successfully defended interests of the major Russian plant

The client was brought to administrative responsibility as he failed to fulfill duly bailiff’s non-property requirements, stipulated in execution writ.


The client filed a claim into the court where he asked to recognize the bailiff’s decision illegal due to four grounds:

1) bailiff has no such authority,

2) the client was not duly notified about a place and time of the minutes and decision,

3) the client violated no time terms,

4) the client did everything possible to avoid the violation.

The commercial court of Bashkortostan Republic agreed with us and satisfied the client’s claim on December 26, 2020. The court canceled the bailiff’s decision and recognized it illegal.

The associate Ekaterina Fedenko represented the client’s interests.

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According to Ranking Advocates Bureau Yug has been among leaders of the Russian legal market for 11 years

On December 4, 2020, the Lotte Hotel Moscow hosted a private award ceremony for leaders of the legal ranking “Pravo-ru 300”. The coronavirus pandemic had a global impact even on such professional event as the legal ranking: New special categories appeared, and for the first time it was possible for winners to attend the award ceremony online. But in general, the 2020 ranking does not slow its development, but becomes even more ambitious. Both the number of applications submitted for participation and the number of companies included in the study is growing. The cost of declared projects and competition is also increasing.


The ranking “Pravo-ru 300” divides all Russian law firms into two categories: federal and regional. The Advocates Bureau Yug took two places in legal regional ranking:

Arbitration: band 1,

Dispute resolution in general jurisdiction courts: band 2.

In the regional ranking “TOP Law Firms by Revenues” Advocates Bureau Yug took 7th place out of 30



Advocates Bureau Yug successfully defended the interests of a major Russian oil and gas company operating in the Republic of Iraq in a labor dispute

Regarding the case, the plaintiff claimed to recognize that the companys refusal to employ officially is illegal and that it should enter into an employment contract. The plaintiff also claimed to recover from the company a sum of unpaid wages for several months, losses and compensation for moral damage. The plaintiffs position was based on the fact that he received a signed job offer from our client into the defendants branch in the Republic of Iraq, which contained all the essential terms of the employment contract. The plaintiff claimed that the parties had actually entered into an employment contract.


During the trial, we managed to convince the court that the job offer did not contain all essential terms of the employment contract, and shall be recognized as a preliminary approval of the plaintiffs competency. However, the plaintiff did not have a professional aptitude required for the job. The claim to recover unpaid wages is also dismissed, since wages are remuneration for work and its sum depends only on the quantity and quality of labor put in. The court refused to satisfy the claims in this case in any way.

ABYs senior associate Sergey Radchenko and lawyer Zakhar Khrebtov representednthe clients interests in the Prikubansky District Court of Krasnodar.



Advocates Bureau Yug Successfully Defended Major Energy Company of the Southern Russia

A large company, an expert in construction of energy facilities, filed a claim to the Commercial court of the Krasnodar region against our client. The company claimed that the construction contract concluded upon auction between the client and another construction company shall be recognized as an invalid one due to it is being ostensible. The plaintiff claimed that the auction was held in order to artificially reduce workload that the plaintiff had performed previously at another clients facility, and the terms of the clients contract with another contractor are technically infeasible.


We developed a legal position for the client and represented his interests in the court. We pointed out that the plaintiff has no legitimate interest in invalidating the contract, as it has not been proved that the disputed contract violated his rights. Moreover, there are different subjects of the clients contracts with the plaintiff and with the second contractor, and both the client and the second contractor fulfilled properly their obligations under the disputed contract. Thus, by claiming the plaintiff illegitimately interfered in others peoples private life, which violated basic principles of civil law. The Commercial court of the Krasnodar region dismissed the claim on September 28, 2020.

ABYs Managing partner Yuri Pustovit and its Senior associate Sergey Radchenko represented the clients interest in the Commercial court of the Krasnodar region.



Best Lawyers Ranking 2021 Once Again Placed Advocates Bureau Yug Among the Best Russian Lawyers in Energy and Natural Resources Law, Land Law and Litigation

On October 2nd, 2020, Best Lawyers Russia posted the ranking of the best Russian lawyers of 2021. ABY’s lawyers have been ranked in the rating for several years. Managing partner Yuri Pustovit has been represented there since 2016. Senior lawyer Sergey Radchenko was nominated for the 2020 directory.


Best Lawyers recommends Yuri Pustovit as the leading lawyer in such areas as Energy and Natural Resources Law, Land Law and Litigation. Sergey Radchenko is known as the best litigation lawyer.

Best Lawyers has been publishing its directories since 1983. It contains information about the best lawyers from more than 70 countries.



Advocates Bureau Yug, global law firm Dentons and successfully held the XII Legal Forum of the Southern Russia, the first significant offline event of 2020 in the post-coronavirus legal world.

Advocates Bureau Yug, global law firm Dentons and successfully held the XII Legal Forum of the Southern Russia, the first significant offline event of 2020 in the post-coronavirus legal world.


The Forum was organized by ABYs regular partners — global law firm Dentons and the most influential in Russia legal media outlet Information support was provided by Yug-Times Daily as well as Ezh – Yurist, the highly specialized edition of the newspaper Economy and Life.

The organizers of the Forum invited lawyers, consultants, in-house lawyers, as well as representatives of civil services and authorities to participate. Lawyers were able to prepare for an official part of the program in a warm informal atmosphere and took part in the intellectual game "What? Where? When?" while tasting High Coast wines. The games questions covered various fields of art, science, and history, but they all dealt with law in one way or another. The participants fought for the victory recklessly and very emotionally. With a similar intellectual and professional level, the victory went to the most successful ones.

The official part of the Forum took place on September 19, 2020 as a business breakfast event, where Andrey Chekhov, the President of Krasnodar Regional Chamber of Advocates welcomed the guests. "Coronavirus and Business: Changes in Legislation, Corporate Practices and Legal Consequences" became the main topic during business breakfast, moderated by Sergey Radchenko, senior associate at Advocates Bureau Yug. Andrey Lebedev, Head of the Moscow metropolitan legal service, shared his experience on how to maintain a balance between the interests of business, employees and legal norms after the pandemic. Timofey Nosov, Director of legal affairs and public relations in AZIMUT Hotels, spoke about the applicability of force majeure rules to the debtors lack of funds, and what the Russian Armed Forces might think on the issue. Sofia Mikheeva, head of NLMKs asset management, explained what was going on with the lease, how legalization of rental holidays and the Law on lease termination affected the business. Sergey Garifullin, Director of the HR Department in "Talent and Success Foundation" from educational center "Sirius" spoke about whether the return to "normal" labor relations after the pandemic was a conscious transformation of the business strategy. And Yevgenia Cherevets, the Bar Association "Regionservice", started a discussion on prospects of online justice after quarantine.

The first session of the Forum, moderated by Sergey Kovalev from the Bar Association "Kovalev, Tugushi and partners", covered bankruptcy issues. Vladimir Bublikov, RKT law firm, spoke about how rules of the bankruptcy game have changed in 2020. Alexander Fedorov, Head of the Department for insolvent debtors in RUSAL, discussed with the audience consequences and risks of the moratorium on bankruptcy proceedings for debtors and creditors. The topic of the moratorium was continued by Sergey Kislov from the Bar Association "Kovalev, Tugushi and partners", who wondered whether the business was waiting for a bankruptcy epidemic and whether the arbitration courts would be able to cope with the influx of cases. Irina Kalinina, managing partner of Legal World, investigated changes in bankruptcy law and its impact on family law.

The second session, moderated by Denis Saushkin, managing partner of the Advocates Bureau ZKS, was devoted to the criminal law. The participants discussed issues affecting the responsibility of top managers in 2020. Sergey Vodolagin, managing partner of Westside, compared current trends of legal responsibility

in Russia and abroad. Nikolay Rodionov, senior associate at SIBUR, shared his experience of an in-house lawyer on how the internal control system is built. And MGP Lawyers partner Denis Bykanov raised the Directors responsibility for transactions with conflicts of interest. Roman Voronin, managing partner of Advocates Bureau "RI-consulting", reviewed the current practice of criminal liability for tax evasion. Gennady Esakov, Advocates Bureau ZKS, highlighted novelties on toughening criminal liability and expanding the powers of the FAS.

The third session of the Legal Forum of the Southern Russia was hosted by Alexey Otradnov, commercial Director of It was held in the World Cafe format, during which all participants were divided into groups with moderators. The general topic of the session was "clients and consultants in the legal business: rebooting after the pandemic". As part of the topic, each table discussed its own issue. Being moderated by Yuri Pustovit, managing partner of the Advocates Bureau Yug, table 1 discussed what practices and areas are in demand now and which areas are in need of a consultant. Table 2, led by Yulia Sycheva, Viacoms Director of legal affairs, looked at what kind of consultant a business needs and how the pandemic had affected the client-consultant relationships. Table 3 and Andrey Korelsky from Advocates Bureau KIAP, discussed what tools of interaction with in-house lawyers were in demand and which ones were no longer relevant. Table 4 and Ivan Apatov, managing partner of White Collar Strategy, talked about the financial component of the legal business, whether there was a place for discounts, and how consultants worked with accounts receivable. Glenn Kolleeny, partner at Dentons, and table 5 discussed whether new customers could be found during the pandemic, whether there was customer loyalty, and how one should interact with companies from affected industries.

The official part of the Forum ended with a gala dinner, and the next day the Forum continued in its informal form. Lawyers are active people, so for the third year in a row, Forum participants were trying out such an extreme sport as sailing regatta. Each time the event carries an element of intrigue, as it mostly depends on unpredictable weather conditions. The race was held in rather extreme weather conditions in two stages, and the winner was selected based on the results.

In general, XII Legal Forum of Southern Russia was very emotional: In addition to its warm and sunny location in Sochi, guests appreciated the opportunity to talk face to face without a screen. In addition to interesting professional programs, many regular participants were happy to have met colleagues and friends. Lawyers who came to the Forum for the first time appreciated the opportunity to meet with more experienced colleagues.



Advocates Bureau Yug Successfully Prevented Appeal Against the Court Decision from a Notorious Entrepreneur Trying to Recover Over 1.5 bn RUB from a Major Energy Company

In 2016 the entrepreneur, well-known for multi-billion-dollar legal claims against IKEA, filed a lawsuit against a major energy company in the Krasnodar region. The plaintiff demanded to return the diesel generators worth of 5 bn RUB.


The Krasninsky District Court of Smolensk Region satisfied the lawsuit, and the Smolensk Region Court upheld it. The Supreme Court satisfied our appeal claim, canceled the said decisions and transferred the case into the Oktabrsky District Court of Krasnodar for a new consideration.

Upon second consideration, the judge dismissed the claim. The plaintiff missed appeal period. However, later he started filing partitions into the court in order to revive an appeal period of the case. He referred to reasons of being held in jail as a defendant in criminal case. The Oktabrsky District Court of Krasnodar dismissed the plaintiff’s claim, and the Krasnodar Regional Court upheld the decision. However, the Forth Cassation Court decided to transfer the palintiff’s claim into the Oktabrsky District Court of Krasnodar for another consideration.

On July 15, 2020, the Oktabrsky District Court of Krasnodar dismissed the plaintiff’s claim to appeal for the third time. It has been 4,5 years since the case started.

ABY’s Managing partner Yuri Pustovit and its senior associate Sergey Radchenko represented the client’s interest in the Oktabrsky District Court of Krasnodar

Law company - Advocates Bureau Yu



Advocates Bureau Yug Successfully Proved the Resolution of the Urban Settlement Administration on Seizure of a Land Plot from the Developer to be Invalid

In 2018 the Administration of Korenovsk urban settlement made the resolution to seize the client’s land plot for sale at public auction. On one hand, the resolution was caused by long-term disuse of the land plot for its intended purpose. The land plot had the type of permitted use for a logistic depot. Another reason was nonperformance of settlement agreement dated 2017, approved by the court, where the client was obliged to perform a phased construction of the logistic depot in Korenovsk.


The courts of the first and appeal instances took the side of the urban settlement’s Administration and dismissed the client’s lawsuit. However, the Commercial Court of the North-Caucasus District took into account our arguments. The court of cassation instance indicated in its decision that the seizure of a land plot is an exceptional measure, and the owner of such a land plot must be notified in advance of violations committed. Moreover, the client was not held administratively liable for the disuse of the land plot for its intended purpose. The client also received no mandatory instructions issued in the course of state land supervision. The said settlement agreement also does not stipulate the seizure of a land plot as responsibility for nonperformance. The court pointed out that the Administration’s resolution was approved without grounds for the seizure of a land plot in accordance with Art. 284 of the Russian Civil Code and violated the interests of the land plot’s owner of the business field. Upon consideration of the cassation claim, the Commercial court of the North-Caucasus District canceled the previous judicial decisions and made a new decision on invalidating the resolution of the urban settlement Administration om seizure of the land plot.

Zahar Khrebtov represented the client in this case.



Advocates Bureau Yug Successfully Defended Major Energy Company of the Southern Russia in the Supreme Court

Our client, the major energy company of the Southern Russian, filed a claim into the Krasnodar Regional Commercial court against a guaranteeing supplier in order to recover the cost of electric energy during its transmission and penalty.


The Krasnodar Regional Commercial court satisfied the claim, and the Fifteenth Commercial Appeal court upheld the said decision. The Commercial court of the North-Сaucasus District only partially upheld the courts’ decisions and forwarded the case to the first instance court for a new consideration.

ABY filed a complaint into the Supreme court of the Russian Federation against the decision of the NSD Commercial court.

The Judicial Board on Economic Disputes of the Supreme court canceled the said decision and forwarded the case back into the NSD Commercial court for a new consideration.

This case is a precedent in the energy industry as it involves a number of controversial issues related to losses during estimation of energy transmission services provided.

ABY’s Managing partner Yuri Pustovit and its senior associate Sergey Radchenko represented the client’s interest in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation.



Advocates Bureau Yug successfully defended the plant owner from Slavyansk-on-Kuban and one of the major local agricultural processors in the Commercial Court of the Northern Caucasus Region

The client owns a 50 % share in the authorized capital of the plant in Slavyansk-on-Kuban. It is one of the major processors of agricultural products in the Krasnodar region. The second owner of 50% share decided to intercept management and appointed his own head of plant. To this end, he convened a Board of Directors, which consisted of three out of five members under his control and elected a new General Director.


The client filed a lawsuit against the plant asking to invalidate the decision of the Board of Directors on the three following grounds: violation of procedure for convening and conduct of meetings (convening application was forwarded one day before the meeting date without consent of Chairman of the Board of Directors), quorum violation (4 out of 5 members), a newly appointed General Director was previously recognized as a bankrupt by the court decision.

The Krasnodar Region Commercial Court agreed with our reasons. On November 28, 2019, the court satisfied the client’s claim, invalidated the decision of the Board of Directors and reinstated the former General Director. However, Fifteenth Appeal Court canceled the said decision and dismissed the claim because the client, being the trustee to inherit shares of authorized capital of the Company, has no right to file into the court. Thus, we filed a cassation appeal against the ruling into the Commercial Court of the Northern Caucasus Region. The court satisfied it on June 16th, 2020, canceled the appeal ruling and upheld the decision of the first instance court.

The Senior associate Sergey Radchenko represented the client’s interests.



The lawyers of Advocates Bureau Yug were included in the Best Lawyers Ranking 2021

On June 3rd, 2020, Best Lawyers published the results of its 2021 annual global ranking of lawyers. Best Lawyers is the foremost resource for the best legal talent worldwide. Nowadays over 70 countries take part in the ranking. Evaluation is based on the principle when the ranking members recommend their colleagues who they deem worthy.


The resource includes ABY’s lawyers into the ranking since 2016. This year Best Lawyers gives its recommendations on Managing partner Yuri Pustovit and Senior associate Sergey Radchenko.

Yuri Pustovit was recognized in the Best Lawyers Ranking for working in such legal areas as Energy and Natural Resources Law, Land Use and Zoning Law, Litigation.

Sergey Radchenko was recognized for his work in Litigation.



Advocates Bureau Yug successfully defended the Russias major manufacturer of oriented strand boards in the Fourth Cassation Court of General Jurisdiction

In this case our opponents decided to throw a simulated litigation challenging the transaction and the assignment of rights between two controlled entities to obtain a court decision that established that our client owned a debt of 431 million RUB to the plaintiff. Our client was involved in this case as a third party, in order to spread the legal force of a court decision.


The Novorossiysk Oktyabrsky Court dismissed the claim but obligated the client to pay 431 million RUB to the plaintiff. The Krasnodar Regional Court upheld the deci-sion.

On August 12, 2019, the Judicial Division for Civil Cases decided as follows: to cancel the appeal ruling of the Krasnodar Regional Court and return the case for a new consideration.

On December 3, 2019, during new considera-tion, the Krasnodar Regional Court upheld the ruling. It also pointed out that the reason-ing part of the decision should exclude indica-tions regarding the client being in debt to per-sons controlled by our opponents.

Our opponents filed a cassation claim against the said ruling. The Fourth Cassation Court of General Jurisdiction upheld the ruling on May 19th, 2020.

Senior associate Sergey Radchenko represented the client in the Krasnodar Regional Court.



Advocates Bureau Yug succeeded in convincing the court to cancel a criminal case, unlawfully filed under §7, Art.159, the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, against the client managing the major investment project in construction sector

A well-known Krasnodar entrepreneur created an investment project on construction of a multi-storey apartment complex with commercial areas in the central part of Krasnodar. In accordance with the law, a land plot was registered, a type of permitted use was changed, and all technical conditions and construction permits were obtained. Afterwards this project was delivered to the investor.


During validity of the issued construction permit the investor could not build the apartment complex. Thus, he applied for a new construction permit, but was denied due to limitations on high-rise buildings in the central part of Krasnodar city at that moment. Upon considering the civil dispute to be a long-term affair that would hardly satisfy the investors claims, the investor deemed actions of the investment projects seller to be unlawful and filed an application on crime being committed to enforcement authorities that initiated the criminal case. The Prosecutor General Office of the Russian Federation canceled and re-canceled the decisions on initiating criminal cases, but investigators continued to issue new decisions with other qualifying features.

In order to finish the case and stop violation of the clients constitutional rights, and to achieve legal certainty, lawyers of Advocates Bureau Yug prepared and filed the claim under art. 125, the Russian Criminal Procedure Code. The court fully satisfied the claims. The judge also agreed with arguments provided by the lawyers that relationships between the parties belonged to resolution in civil dispute and could not be qualified as a crime. Thus, the court decided on unlawfulness of the decision to initiate criminal proceedings.

Managing partner Yuri Pustovit represented the client in the court.



For 7 years Advocates Bureau Yug has been taking place in Brand 1 of General Business Law Department of Chambers Europe 2020 Ranking.

In March results of Chambers, a respectable international law ranking with 30-year history, are usually published. Lawyers and law firms are ranked by several parameters, each of which is examined by a research group. Chambers has no points system.


The level of customer satisfaction is crucial factor, taking into account technical skills, diversity of experience, team stability and commercial approach. The research, which lasts for a year, includes interviews with those who are active in the market, mainly clients and other lawyers, as well as an assessment of recent work.

The Russian regional ranking of Chambers Europe 2020 lists 27 law firms located in Russia, apart from Moscow. The rating is divided according to area of law, and each section is divided into groups in descending order. First group has the best results. Furthermore, there is also a personal rating of lawyers besides a corporate one.

Advocates Bureau Yug still takes place in Brand 1 of General Business Law Department.

Chambers review on Advocates Bureau Yug:

Highly regarded firm based in Krasnodar, acting for a client base of significant domestic and international companies involved in commercial, corporate and shareholder disputes across Southern Russia. Regularly represents energy, construction and manufacturing corporates in supply contracts, real estate and damages disputes. Administrative disputes, including tax disputes, are a further area of recent experience.

Clients extol the firms proactive approach to projects. One enthuses: "They only come to me with solutions, not problems."

Sources further applaud the pragmatic insight the firm provides. "I like that they always give an honest evaluation of he prospects, so that we always know what to expect."

ABYs Managing partner Yuri Pustovit and Senior associate Sergey Radchenko were listed in the lawyers ranking, Brand 1 and Brand 2 respectively.

Clients review on Yuri Pustovit: “He has results-driven and pragmatic approach”, “he quickly reacts to our requests and can find effective solutions”.

Sergey Radchenko advises on a broad range of commercial disputes and receives praise for his analytical approach to cases. Sources describe him as "an incredible analyst, a great person and academic" as well as "very attentive to details; he can find things others miss".



Yuri Pustovit was re-elected as a member of Coordinator Group of AEB Southern Regional Committee in Russia

The Annual General Meeting of the AEB Southern Regional Committee took place on February 20, 2020.


The Association of European Businesses (AEB) is the main representative body of foreign investors in Russia. Founded in 1995, the AEB is an independent non-profit organization of over 500 European and Russian companies. The AEB includes 65 committees, subcommittees and working groups that are engaged in lobbying on a wide range of issues in various business areas. These committees work closely with the European and Russian authorities, and provide comments and suggested changes to the draft laws of the Russian Federation.

Advocates Bureau Yug has been a AEB member since 2003, when the office of the Southern Regional Committee was founded in Krasnodar. For 10 years straight Yuri Pustovit, Managing partner of Advocates Bureau Yug, has been a member of Coordinator Group of AEB Southern Regional Committee in Russia.



Advocates Bureau Yug became a strategic partner of the Civil Law Conference at the Research-to-Practice Conference dedicated to the memory of M.I. Kovalyov in Yekaterinburg

XVII International Research-to-Practice Conference Kovalyov Readings: ‘Legal reconciliation: compromise or concession?’ was hold in Yekaterinburg on February 13-14, 2020. The conference was recognized as an event for exchanging views between practicing lawyers and representatives of the scientific community, and for finding new business contacts.


The largest venue in Yekaterinburg was chosen this year — the Congress Center of the IEC Yekaterinburg-EXPO, and about 1200 people from 21 countries took part in the Kovalevsky readings. Among the speakers and honorув guests there was a galaxy of practicing lawyers, scientists and statesmen, judges of different countries, historians and philosophers.

The first day of the business program began with signing of a cooperation agreement between the Russian Federal Bar Association and The Union of criminalist and criminologist.

The major report ‘Reconciliation and Criminal law: unexploited opportunities’ was presented during a plenary discussion: ‘Legal reconciliation: compromise or concession?’

Joint Plenary session of the International Society of Criminology and the International Forum on Crime and Criminal Law in the Global Era (IFCCLGE) was hold on February 13th and dedicated to issues on the fight against transnational crime. Everyone agreed that nowadays it was the major priority of all states without exception. Moreover, international Criminology has the scope of research that goes beyond legal studies and covers a number of other spheres, unrelated to the law. In order to create appropriate tools for reconciliation, all states shall come to an understanding of causes of crime, possible changes of crime in the near future and personality of present-day and future criminals.

The first day of the Conference ended with the Arbitration Conference: ‘Arbitral Award: Voluntary or Enforced Execution’. The participants discussed situations when parties resort to voluntary execution of an arbitral award and what do they focus on; what way of execution — voluntary or сcompulsory — judicial practice promotes; whether voluntary execution is popular in other countries; how voluntary execution influences business development and parties’ relation.

The second day of the Conference on February 14th began with the following parallel panel discussions: ‘The price of state forgiveness: liability or redress?’, ‘Mediation and its potential in criminal law, criminal procedure and execution of punishment’, ‘Attorney, notary, arbitrator and judicial mediator: effective techniques, strategies and competencies’. Yuri Pustovit, the Managing partner of Advocates Bureau Yug took part in the last discussion. During his speech ‘What is the role of an attorney in the reconciliation process’ Yuri Pustovit talked about how reconciliation process looked in real practice. According to data for the first half of 2019, the percentage of cases that ended in a settlement agreement is negligible. There are several following reasons: firstly, it is cheap and quick to sue in Russia; secondly, the clients usually do not want reconciliation as in most case they believe their claims are legitimate and consider peaceful offering as a weakness; thirdly, lawyers do not always want reconciliation as they lack sufficient knowledge of the client’s business specificity, or they do not consider reconciliation to be beneficial in terms of royalties and marketing — successful representation in courts and instances costs more than reconciliation process and looks more favorable as news for website or SNS.

After lunch break the Conference continued with following parallel panel discussions: ‘Privacy: the limits of acceptable state interference’, ‘The ancient customs of reconciliation today’ and ‘Derivative and class actions in corporate disputes. Reconciliation features.

Exclusive off-site meeting of the Council of the Russian Federal Bar Association also took place on the second day.

The Conference ended with three parallel panel discussions: ‘What requirements does legal practice settle for legal education?, Sanctions: pursuit of peace and Real Estate Law: distinction of private and public interests’. During panel discussion on real estate Sergey Radchenko, Senior associate of Advocates Bureau Yug and Candidate of Law, spoke how to distinguish between public and private interests in the legal regulation of unauthorized construction. Norms on unauthorized construction are internally contradictory: on the one hand, creation of unauthorized construction is a public offense, on the other hand, it is one of the legal ways to acquire property rights.

It is possible to correctly distinguish between public and private interests in the field of unauthorized construction only if two difficulties — theoretical and practical — to be resolved. The theoretical difficulty is to determine whether an unauthorized construction is a thing or not. Practical difficulty is to determine whether this particular structure belongs to real estate or not.

Article 222 of the Civil Code has undergone three major reforms, but new norms should be added in order to balance public and private interests, such as: an equivalent of estoppel in the Civil Code, i.e. administrative estoppel; compulsory satisfaction of one of the claims in case of counterclaims for demolition and recognition of rights.



Адвокатское бюро «Юг» успешно защитило интересы иностранного банка по спору о сносе линейного объекта газоснабжения.

Крупнейший армянский банк предоставил сельскохозяйственному производителю кредит, обеспечением которого послужил залог принадлежащего должнику тепличного комплекса. Комплекс отапливался посредством газопровода, проходящего через смежный земельный участок.


Не получив денежную компенсацию, арендатор этого участка потребовал демонтажа газопровода и последующей рекультивации земельного участка.

Дело осложнялось тем, что банк изначально не был привлечен к участию в деле, не располагал какими-либо документами, касающимися газопровода, а непосредственный ответчик интереса к судебному делу не проявлял.

В ходе рассмотрения дела удалось доказать наличие законного интереса залогодержателя и добиться привлечения его к участию в деле. Суд поддержал наши доводы о том, что спорный газопровод возведен с соблюдением необходимых разрешений и согласований. Кроме того, на момент приобретения арендных прав на землю газопровод уже находился на участке, следовательно, требования в связи с недостатками участка должны быть предъявлены администрации как арендодателю. Необоснованность требований истца в короткий срок была доказана.

В результате решением арбитражного суда Саратовской области от 10.12.2019 г. в иске отказано полностью.

Интересы Доверителя представляли юристы Захар Хребтов и Алексей Демехин.



Управляющий партнер Адвокатского бюро «Юг» Юрий Пустовит включен в список арбитров МКАС при ТПП РФ для рассмотрения внутренних споров.

Согласно изменениям от 06.12.2019 в Приказ ТПП РФ №16 от 03.02.2017 управляющий партнер Адвокатского бюро» «Юг» включен в список арбитров по внутренним спорам МКАС при ТПП РФ.


МКАС - Международный коммерческий арбитражный суд при Торгово-промышленной палате Российской Федерации – ведущее в России постоянно действующее арбитражное учреждение. МКАС входит в число наиболее крупных и авторитетных арбитражных центров мира, признанных как отечественными, так и зарубежными предпринимателями.

По соглашению сторон в МКАС могут передаваться споры из договорных и иных гражданско-правовых отношений, возникающие при осуществлении внешнеторговых и иных видов международных экономических связей.

МКАС вправе также администрировать арбитраж внутренних, корпоративных и спортивных споров.



10 юбилейный рейтинг Право.ru: Адвокатское бюро «Юг» подтверждает устойчивую репутацию сильной юридической компании на юридическом рынке России.

Среди российских исследований юридического рынка рейтинг Право- 300 является, пожалуй, самым главным. Первые шаги в изучении юридических фирм, работающих на территории России, команда Право.ру сделала в 2009 году. За 10 лет существования в методику оценки внесено множество изменений, увеличилось разнообразие отраслей права, значительно выросло число участников рэнкинга, а значит и возросла конкуренция на место среди задействованных юридических компаний.


Адвокатское бюро «Юг» является участником регионального рейтинга Право.ru с момента его основания. C гордостью сообщаем о том, что в 2019 году команда Адвокатского бюро «Юг» показала отличные результаты в двух самых конкурентных отраслях права из 29 оцениваемых - «Арбитражное судопроизводство» и «Разрешение споров в судах общей юрисдикции», заняв места в первой из четырех возможных групп регионального рейтинга Право.ru.

Помимо вышеизложенного ABY вошло в ТОП-50 юридических компаний России, исключая московские офисы юридических фирм, по размеру выручки, заняв 7 место из 50 возможных.

Вручение дипломов участникам рейтинга состоялось в гостинице Ритц Карлтон в Москве. На торжественную церемонию black tie собралось более 1000 человек. Подробно ознакомиться с фото и видеоматериалом рейтинга можно по ссылке:



Адвокатское бюро «Юг» отстояло в суде права клиента на земельный участок в Темрюкском районе

Военный прокурор Южного федерального округа и ТУ ФАУГИ в Краснодарском крае предъявили в суде иск к нашему доверителю, в котором просили признать недействительным договор купли-продажи, по которому клиент купил земельный участок и расположенные на нём здания в Темрюкском районе и истребовать это имущество в государственную собственность. Иск был мотивирован тем, что земельный участок был незаконно приватизирован продавцом, а значит незаконно продан им клиенту.


Нам удалось убедить суд в том, что иск предъявлен с пропуском срока исковой давности, наш доверитель является добросовестным приобретателем земельного участка, а требование признать договор куплипродажи недействительной сделкой является ненадлежащим способом защиты.

3.12.2019 г. арбитражный суд Северо-Кавказского округа поставил окончательную точку в этом споре и признал, что иск удовлетворению не подлежит. Решение Арбитражного суда Краснодарского края и постановление Пятнадцатого арбитражного апелляционного суда, которыми ранее в иске было отказано оставлены в силе.

Интересы доверителя представлял старший юрист Сергей Радченко.



Адвокатское бюро «Юг» успешно защитило в арбитражном суде Краснодарского края интересы одного из владельцев крупнейшего в Краснодарском крае переработчика сельскохозяйственной продукции

Клиенту принадлежит 50 % долей в уставном капитале завода в г. Славянске-на-Кубани – одного из крупнейших в Краснодарском крае переработчика сельскохозяйственной продукции. Второй владелец 50% долей решил перехватить управление и поставить во главе завода своего генерального директора. С этой целью он созвал совет директоров в количестве трёх подконтрольных ему членов из пяти, которые выбрали нового генерального директора.


Клиент обратился в суд с иском к заводу, в котором просил прознать решение совета директоров незаконным по трём основаниям: нарушен порядок созыва и проведения собрания (заявление о созыве поступило за день да даты заседания, председатель совета директоров совет не созывал), нарушен кворум (четыре члена совета из пяти), генеральным директором избрано лицо, которое ранее было признано решением суда банкротом.

Арбитражный суд Краснодарского края с нашими доводами согласился. Решением суда от 28.11.2019 иск клиента был удовлетворён, суд признал решение совета директоров незаконным и восстановил в должности прежнего генерального директора.

Интересы клиента в суде представлял старший юрист Сергей Радченко.



Адвокатское бюро «Юг» добилось прекращения административного дела в связи с нарушением законодательства о рекламе в отношении крупнейшего делового СМИ Кубани

В ходе проведенных контрольных мероприятий по заявлению физического лица антимонопольный орган выявил многочисленные нарушения законодательства о рекламе при размещении рекламы в печатном издании.


Так, реклама медицинской услуги распространена без предупреждения о наличии противопоказаний к ее применению и использованию, необходимости получения консультации специалиста. Реклама методов профилактики, диагностики и лечения распространена вне мест проведения медицинских или фармацевтических мероприятий и не в предназначенном для медицинских и фармацевтических работников специализированном печатном издании. Реклама информационной продукции о проведении культурно-массовых мероприятий, подлежащая классификации, размещена без указания возрастной категории. Текст иной рекламы не сопровожден пометкой "реклама" или пометкой "на правах рекламы".

Размер административного штрафа по двум вмененным составам административных правонарушений представлял реальную угрозу финансовому положению Клиента.

Однако, несмотря на установленный состав административного правонарушения и повторность его совершения, в ходе рассмотрения дела удалось доказать отсутствие существенной угрозы охраняемым общественным отношениям и наличия оснований для признания правонарушения малозначительным.

В результате постановлением УФАС по Краснодарскому краю от 14.11.2019 г. производство по делу прекращено, СМИ объявлено устное замечание.

Интересы доверителя представлял юрист Алексей Демехин.

Юридическая компания - "Адвокатское бюро Юг"



Адвокатское бюро «Юг» успешно защитили интересы компании, управляющей торговым комплексом, по иску арендатора.

К доверителю Адвокатского бюро «Юг» предъявлен иск о расторжении договора аренды, взыскании арендной платы и убытков в виде произведенных расходов на ремонт и переоборудование помещения. По мнению истца, помещение стало непригодным к эксплуатации по вине арендодателя, который должен был устранить возникшие недостатки, что подтверждает заключение специалиста.


Позиция ответчика заключалась в том, что при заключении договора аренды помещение принято арендатором без замечаний. Повреждения арендованного помещения возникли вследствие самовольного выполнения арендатором ремонтно-отделочных работ без предварительного согласования с арендодателем. Кроме того, арендатор вопреки условиям договора не уведомил о возникших неисправностях арендодателя в установленном договором порядке.

Решением Прикубанского районного суда в удовлетворении исковых требований отказано полностью.

Интересы доверителя представлял адвокат Демехин Алексей.

Адвокатское бюро "Юг" - сопровождение любых сделок с недвижимостью.



Юристы адвокатского бюро «Юг» доказали безосновательность требований администрации о сносе торгового комплекса.

Администрация муниципального образования г. Краснодар обратилась в арбитражный суд Краснодарского края с иском об обязании снести самовольно возведенные торговой центр и нестационарные торговые павильоны. Основанием исковых требований послужили возведение объектов без разрешения на строительство на земельном участке, разрешенное использование которого не допускает строительства на нем данных объектов.


В ходе рассмотрения дела были доказаны отсутствие признаков самовольной постройки и полная безосновательность заявленных требований. Так, на спорный капитальный объект было истребовано регистрационное дело и установлено, что он возведен в соответствии с законодательством, действовавшим в тот период времени.

В отношении нестационарных торговых павильонов установлен их некапитальный характер, ввиду чего их возведение не требовало получения разрешения на строительство. При этом некапитальный характер строений сам по себе исключает возможность предъявления требований о сносе самовольной постройки.

Судебной экспертизой подтверждено, что постройки соответствуют градостроительным и строительным нормам и правилам, отсутствуют нарушения прав и охраняемых законом интересов других лиц и угроза жизни и здоровью граждан, а разрешенное использование земельного участка позволяет осуществление торговой деятельности.

Арбитражный суд Краснодарского края обратил внимание на то, что собственники торгового комплекса приобрели объект по возмездной сделке, открыто и добросовестно владеют им длительное время, несут бремя его содержания. В свою очередь, орган местного самоуправления, осуществляя контроль за планировкой и застройкой территорий, заявил исковые требования с пропуском срока исковой давности.

В результате решением арбитражного суда Краснодарского края в удовлетворении исковых требований отказано полностью.

Интересы доверителя представлял адвокат Демехин Алексей.

Юридическая помощь при решении любых вопросов связанных со строительством и недвижимостью -Адвокатское бюро "ЮГ"



Адвокатское бюро «Юг» доказало несоразмерность арендной платы за земельный участок ввиду изменившегося градостроительного регламента.

Известная столичная девелоперская компания длительное время арендовала у муниципального образования город-курорт Сочи крупный земельный участок в Центральном районе г. Сочи. Однако местные власти произвольно внесли изменения в генеральный план и правила застройки и землепользования, изменив территориальную зону земельного участка.


Таким образом, публично-правовое образование, реализуя свои полномочия в обеспечении устойчивого развития территории, изменило правовой режим земельного участка, его разрешенное использование ввиду чего арендатор участка был ограничен возможности использовать его в целях, которые были согласованы с этим же публично-правовым образованием при заключении договора аренды на момент заключения договора.

По настоящему делу был доказан юридический недостаток земельного участка - юридическая невозможность использовать имущество по назначению и в целях, согласованных сторонами договора аренды, а также путем судебной экспертизы определена рыночная величина арендной платы за пользование таким участком с учетом установленных ограничений.

В результате решением арбитражного суда Краснодарского края исковые требования удовлетворены, арендная плата снижена почти в 10 раз от первоначальной.

Интересы доверителя представляли юристы Демехин Алексей и Феденко Екатерина.



Адвокатское бюро «Юг» успешно защитило интересы иностранного банка в Двенадцатом арбитражном апелляционном суде по делу о взыскании крупной суммы задолженности.

Предметом иска явилось взыскание задолженности по кредитному договору в размере более 3 миллионов евро. Иностранный банк приобрел по договору уступки права требования крупную задолженность, должником добровольно была погашена лишь небольшая часть долга.


В ходе рассмотрения дела наши оппоненты пытались оспорить правомерность взыскания процентов на просроченную задолженность, оспаривали размер неустойки, пытались всячески затягивать рассмотрение дела. Юристы АБ «Юг» смогли обосновать суду правомерность требований в полном объеме, добились отклонения судом необоснованных ходатайств ответчика, направленных на затягивание рассмотрения дела.

В результате решением арбитражного суда Саратовской области требования иностранного банка были удовлетворены в полном объеме. Двенадцатый арбитражный апелляционный суд (г. Саратов) оставил решение без изменения. Дело было рассмотрено обеими судебными инстанциями в короткий срок, что было критически важно для нашего Доверителя.

Интересы Доверителя в суде представлял юрист Хребтов Захар.



Старший юрист Адвокатского бюро «Юг» Сергей Радченко выступил на форуме для малого и среднего бизнеса «Дело за малым»

18 октября в Краснодаре состоялся форум для малого и среднего бизнеса «Дело за малым». Старший юрист Адвокатского бюро «Юг» Сергей Радченко выступил на сессии «Человеческий капитал как уникальный ресурс успешного развития бизнеса».


Он рассказал слушателям о том, как защитить деловую репутацию и с какими сложностями придётся столкнуться на пути к этой цели. Он обратил внимание на то, что защита деловой репутации любого бизнеса должна начинаться с налаживания клиентского сервиса и правильной организации маркетинга. Он рассказал о том, что на практике большинство исков о защите деловой репутации судами удовлетворяются, суды обязывают ответчиков опубликовать опровержение или удалить информацию в сети интернет, но при этом суды почти всегда отказывают во взыскании убытков, так как потерпевшим крайне трудно доказать, что их причиной явилось именно умаление деловой репутации. По отзывам слушателей выступление Сергея Радченко признано одним из наиболее полезных в сессии.



Сергей Радченко завоевал первое место на благотворительном шахматном турнире Legal Chess 2019

5 октября 2019 года в Атриуме Северной башни Москва Сити состоялся второй благотворительный шахматный турнир Legal Chess 2019, объединяющий представителей одного профессионального сообщества – юристов, а также их коллег, детей и друзей.


Организатором турнира выступил Педагогический шахматный союз (ПШС) при поддержке ряда юридических фирм и адвокатских образований. В 2019 году в рамках проекта Legal Chess удалось собрать порядка 500 тыс. рублей, которые были направлены на лечение Сони Болотовой (14 лет, п. Жулидовка Тамбовской области) и Гриши Григорьева (20 лет, г. Оренбург), подопечных Фонда «Подари жизнь».

В турнире приняло участие более 150 шахматистов разных возрастных категорий: дети от 5 до 18 лет (Группы C, D), и взрослые любители и профессионалы игры в шахматы (Группы A1, A2, B, E, F). Форматом проведения турнира был выбран рапид (15 минут + 10 секунд на ход и 10 минут + 5 секунд на ход), Группы A1, А2, B, C, D - 5 туров, у Группы E – 7 туров, и блиц (3 минуты + 2 секунды на ход), Группа F – 11 туров, а результаты участников группы были высланы на обсчет международного рейтинга FIDE, а также российских рейтингов РШФ и РШТ. Обсчет проводился по международным стандартам на онлайн платформе

В группе А2 при 18 участниках первое место завоевал старший юрист Адвокатского бюро «Юг» Сергей Радченко.



Адвокатское бюро «Юг» дважды успешно защитило в Арбитражном суде интересы крупнейшего производителя овощных консервов в Краснодарском крае.

К нашему доверителю – одному из крупнейших в Краснодарском крае производителей овощных консервов – одним из его участников, который решил развязать против клиента полномасштабную корпоративную войну.


Были предъявлены два иска, в одном из которых наш оппонент просил признать незаконными действия генерального директора клиента по передаче нотариусу учредительных документов для заключения договора доверительного управления долей умершего участника, в другом – просил признать недействительным приказ генерального директора клиента о введении в штатное расписание должности исполнительного директора.

Мы возражали против обоих исков ссылаясь на законность действий директора. В первом случае передача учредительных документов нотариусу требовалась для учреждения доверительного управления, как это предписано нормами ГК РФ. Во втором случае мы обосновали право директора клиента без согласия совета директоров вносить изменения в штатное расписание.

Арбитражный суд согласился с нашими доводами. По обоим делам судом вынесены решения об отказе в исках.

Интересы доверителя представлял старший юрист Адвокатского бюро «Юг» Сергей Радченко.



Адвокатское бюро «Юг» успешно защитило интересы компании, которая занимается водоснабжением и водоотведением г. Краснодара, по трудовому спору

Работнику предприятия, занимавшему руководящую должность, были вверены материальные ценности на крупную сумму. Однако в ходе служебной проверки было установлено, что указанное лицо списывало оборудование по фиктивным документам, а также самовольно вывезло его часть третьему лицу. Указанные действия послужили основанием для утраты к данному работнику доверия и его последующему увольнению.


В ходе судебного разбирательства специалистам бюро удалось доказать, как наличие правовых и фактических оснований для увольнения по данной статье, так и соблюдение работодателем порядка прекращения трудовых отношений.

В результате решением Прикубанского районного суда от 15.10.2019 г. в удовлетворении исковых требований уволенного работника о признании незаконным привлечения к дисциплинарной ответственности и восстановлении на работе отказано полностью.

Интересы доверителя представлял юрист Алексей Демехин.



19-21 сентября 2019 Сочи принял ХI ежегодный Юридический форум юга России

Адвокатское бюро «Юг», международная юридическая фирма «Дентонс» и юридический интернет-портал Право.ру провели XI Юридический форум юга России. Место и время для проведения мероприятия было выбрано неслучайно: бархатный сезон в Сочи обычно радует теплой и солнечной погодой, а природа южного города прекрасна круглый год.


Форум создан юристами для юристов, однако, гостями настоящего форума стали не только практикующие внешние и внутренние консультанты из разных регионов России, но и сотрудники PR- и маркетинговых отделов юридических фирм, представители государственных структур и бизнеса.

XI Юридический форум юга России осветил несколько аспектов юридического бизнеса: банковская сфера, банкротство, уголовная ответственность и управление отношениями консультантов и бизнеса.

Первый трек «Ключевые судебные споры в банковской сфере» проходил под модерированием старшего юриста Адвокатского бюро «Юг» Сергея Радченко. Собравшиеся обсудили: как защищаться от взыскания банком заградительных комиссий, как оспорить блокировку операций по счёту или прекращение дистанционного обслуживания, как возобновить расторгнутый банком договор банковского счёта, согласно ФЗ «О противодействии легализации» 115-ФЗ; как привлечь банк к ответственности за неисполнение требований исполнительного документа, предъявленного к счёту должника; как вернуть деньги в случае незаконного списания денег со счёта по поддельным документам; споры по кредитным договорам: обращение взыскания на залог, возврат комиссий, связанных с предоставлением кредита, оспаривание фактической выдачи кредита.

Во втором треке, проходившем под модерацией Сергея Ковалева, управляющего партнера Коллегии адвокатов «Ковалев, Тугуши и партнеры» и посвященного банкротству, обсудили как экономическая ситуация в стране сместила акценты в банкротстве, затронули региональные особенности в сфере банкротства и субсидиарной ответственности, перспективы цифровизации банкротства, о которых ярко выступили с презентацией представители Сбербанка России Размик Бабасян и Андрей Смирных, директора проектов Департамента по работе с проблемными активами.

Третий трек модерировал управлящий партнер адвокатского бюро «Loys» Денис Пучков. По-прежнему актуальными являются вопросы, затронутые на обсуждении: новейшие изменения в законодательстве по борьбе с коррупцией и практике его применения; освобождение от уголовной ответственности за коррупционные преступления, а также основные признаки преступного сообщества и ряд других острых тем. Елена Юлова, председатель московской коллегии адвокатов «Юлова и партнеры», привела признаки преступного сообщества, по которым следует их отличать от Совета директоров, а также от «организованных групп». Дала несколько советов, как доказывать в суде, что компания не является преступным сообществом.

Под новым форматом World Café, предполагающим разделение аудитории на 5-6 команд, проходил четвертый трек форума. Каждая команда сформулировала свой список рекомендаций для решения таких вопросов взаимодействия консультанта и инхауса, как, например, важно ли учитывать отраслевую специфику бизнеса клиента, как решать вопросы творчески, как оптимизировать бюджет сопровождения, как сохранять долгосрочные доверительные отношения с клиентом и многое другое. Круглые столы в рамках четвертого трека модерировали Юрий Пустовит, адвокат, управляющий партнер Адвокатского бюро «Юг», Гленн C. Коллини, партнер московского офиса Dentons, Андрей Корельский, адвокат, управляющий партнер Адвокатского бюро КИАП, Иван Апатов, управляющий партнер White Collar Strategy, Размик Бабасян, директор проектов Департамента по работе с проблемными активами Сбербанка России.

И, конечно же, изюминкой форума, за которую его так любят постоянные участники, является живое неформальное общение вне рамок деловой программы. 19 сентября начало форуму положил Юридический стендап, дегустация игристых вин от «Фанагории» и приветственная речь управляющего партнера Адвокатского бюро «Юг» Юрия Пустовита и коммерческого директора Право.ру Алексея Отраднова. 20 сентября организаторы форума предложили участникам и сопровождающим начать рабочий день форума нетрадиционно - со скандинавской ходьбы и медитации в Природном орнитологическом парке около отеля. А пока собравшиеся в зале были заняты деловыми вопросами, сопровождающие их лица были приглашены на Девичник в Okeania SPA, где их ждала непринужденная лекция от основательницы сообщества Organiс Woman про СОЖ (счастливый образ жизни), а также уникальная SPA-программа. Деловой день закончился ужином в ресторане «Босфор», где можно было познакомиться с дарами Черного моря и местной кухней.

Третий день форума 21 сентября 2019 наверняка запомнился многим участникам. Именно в этот день состоялась адвокатская парусная регата «Кубок адвокатов», организованная партнером форума- МКА «Юлова и партнеры», в которой многие из собравшихся форумчан приняли участие впервые. Погода сделала условия проведения регаты непростыми из-за сильного порывистого ветра, но это лишь придало особенную остроту и экстремальность адвокатским гонкам. Призы для победителей предоставил винный дом «Бюрнье» и компания Helen-Ocean.



Адвокатское бюро «Юг» отстояло в суде права клиента на крупный земельный участок в Анапе

Военный прокурор Южного федерального округа и ТУ ФАУГИ в Краснодарском крае предъявили в суде иск к нашему доверителю, в котором просили признать недействительным договор купли-продажи, по которому клиент купил земельный участок и расположенные на нём здания в Анапе и истребовать это имущество в государственную собственность.


Иск был мотивирован тем, что земельный участок был незаконно приватизирован продавцом, а значит незаконно продан им клиенту.

Нам удалось убедить суд в том, что иск предъявлен с пропуском срока исковой давности, наш доверитель является добросовестным приобретателем земельного участка, а требование признать договор купли-продажи недействительной сделкой является ненадлежащим способом защиты.

Решением Арбитражного суда Краснодарского края в иске отказано. Постановлением Пятнадцатого арбитражного суда от 14.08.2019 решение Арбитражного суда Краснодарского края оставлено в силе.

Интересы доверителя представляли старший юрист Сергей Радченко и юрист Захар Хребтов.



Адвокатское бюро «Юг» успешно защитило в Верховном суде РФ интересы круп-нейшего в России производителя ориентированных стружечных плит

В этом судебном деле наши оппоненты решили устроить имитацию судебного спора об оспаривании сделки уступки права, между двумя подконтрольными им лицами для получения решения суда, в котором было бы установлено, что наш клиент должен истцу 431 млн. руб. Наш клиент был привлечён к участию в этом деле в качестве третьего лица, для того, что бы на него распространялась законная сила решения суда.


Октябрьский суд г. Новороссийска в иске отказал, но при этом установил обязанность клиента заплатить истцу 431 млн. руб. Краснодарский краевой суд решение оставил в силе.

Мы подали кассационную жалобу в Верховный суд РФ, однако определением судьи ВС РФ от 27.02.2019 в передаче дела в Судебную коллегию по гражданским делам нам было отказано.

В порядке ч. 3 ст. 381 ГПК РФ мы подали кассационную жалобу на имя председателя Верховного суда РФ. Определением заместителя Председателя Верховного суда РФ от 17.06.2019 было отменено определение судьи Верховного суда РФ от 27.02.2019 г., кассационная жалоба передана для рассмотрения в Судебную коллегию по гражданским делам Верховного суда РФ. Так же удовлетворено наше ходатайство о восстановлении срока на подачу кассационной жалобы.

Определением Судебной коллегии по гражданским делам Верховного суда РФ от 12.08.2019 по делу № 18-КГ19-45 апелляционное определение Краснодарского краевого суда отменено, судебный спор возвращен на новое рассмотрение в Краснодарский краевой суд.

Интересы доверителя в Верховном суде РФ представляли Управляющий партнёр АБ «Юг» Юрий Пустовит и старший юрист Сергей Радченко



Юристы адвокатского бюро «Юг» добились положительного решения по спору об изменении условий договора оказания услуг по передаче электрической энергии.

Гарантирующий поставщик электроэнергии в судебном порядке требовал внесения изменений в договор оказания услуг по передаче электрической энергии в части ограничения стоимости введения/возобновления режима потребления электрической энергии.


Удовлетворение данного иска могло причинить доверителю значительные убытки, поскольку предлагаемая стоимость данных услуг была значительно ниже ранее установленной договором.

В суде кассационной инстанции юристы АБ ЮГ доказали, что нормативно установленное ограничение предельной стоимости введения ограничения режима потребления распространяется только на отношения с участием инициатора введения ограничения - гарантирующего поставщика и потребителей, но не гарантирующего поставщика и сетевой организации. Поскольку спорные цены не подлежат государственному регулированию и не включаются в тариф на услуги по передаче электрической энергии, стороны договора вправе были самостоятельно определить стоимость оказываемых услуг.

Специалистами бюро также проведена обширная работа по анализу судебной практики применения спорных положений законодательства.

В результате постановлением арбитражного суда Северо-Кавказского округа от 06.08.2019 г. в удовлетворении кассационной жалобы отказано полностью.

Интересы доверителя представлял управляющий партнер Юрий Пустовит, юрист Демехин Алексей.



Адвокатское бюро «Юг» успешно защитило в Арбитражном суде Северо-Кавказского округа интересы крупнейшего производителя сельскохозяйственной продукции Ростовской области

Бывшие владельцы клиента через офшорную компания подали в суд заявление о его банкротстве и просили установить в реестре свои требования на 1,5 млрд. руб.


Арбитражный суд Ростовской области решением от 20.02.2019 по делу № А53-33498/2018 признал клиента банкротом и включил офшорную компанию в реестр кредиторов на 1,5 руб. Постановлением Пятнадцатого арбитражного апелляционного суда от 24.05.2019 решение отменено, заявление офшорной компании отклонено. На апелляционное постановление офшорной компанией была подана кассационная жалоба в Арбитражный суд Северо-Кавказского округа.

В кассационной инстанции мы с использованием косвенных доказательств сумели убедить суд, что офшорная компания по-прежнему подконтрольна бывшим владельцам клиента. Тем самым мы показали суду, что долг носит корпоративный характер, что не позволит суду включать офшорную компанию в реестр кредиторов. Так же мы убедили суд в том, что в момент получения права требования к клиенту на 1,5 млрд руб. офшорная компания не обладала правоспособностью, так как была исключена из реестра компаний Британских Виргинских островов, Арбитражный суд Северо-Кавказского округа с нашими доводами согласился. Постановлением суда от 16.07.2019 кассационная жалоба офшорной компании была отклонена, апелляционное постановление оставлено в силе.

Интересы клиента представляли старший юрист Сергей Радченко, юрист Захар Хребтов и Екатерина Феденко.



Адвокатское бюро «Юг» успешно защитило в Верховном суде РФ интересы крупнейшего импортёра бытовой техники

К нашему доверителю – одному из крупнейших в России импортёров бытовой техники – были предъявлены два иска, в которых покупатели требовали расторгнуть договоры куплипродажи кофе-машин, взыскать неустойки, штрафы, компенсацию морального вреда и расходы на представителей. Мы возражали против этих требований ссылаясь на их незаконность, а также на явно злоупотребление правом со стороны покупателей, которые, требуя возврата денег не представляли товары клиенту для проверки качества.


Прикубанский и Первомайский районные суды Краснодара иски покупателей удовлетворили, Краснодарский краевой суд их решения оставил в силе. На все эти судебные акты поданы кассационные жалобы в Верховный суд РФ. Обе жалобы определением судьи Верховного суда были переданы в Судебную коллегию по гражданским делам Верховного суда.

Определениями коллегии от 16.07.2019 по обоим делам наши жалобы были удовлетворены: коллегия отменила апелляционные определения Краснодарского краевого суда и вернули оба дела на новое рассмотрение в Краснодарский краевой суд.

Интересы доверителя в Верховном суде РФ представлял старший юрист АБ «Юг» Сергей Радченко.



Рейтинг Best Lawyers Russia 2020 отмечает 2 юристов Адвокатского бюро «Юг» в списке лучших юристов России.

24 мая 2019 года стали известны результаты рейтинга Best Lawyers 2020, согласно которому сразу два юриста Адвокатского бюро «Юг» вошли в число лучших юристов России в нескольких отраслях права.


Управляющий партнер Юрий Пустовит отмечен рейтингом в четвертый раз в категории «Энергетика и природные ресурсы», а также добавлен в категорию «Разрешение судебных споров». Старший юрист Сергей Радченко впервые в этом году включен в рейтинг Best Lawyers в категории «Разрешение судебных споров».

Best Lawyers впервые было учреждено в 1981 году в США, первый справочник вышел в 1983 году и состоял из американских самостоятельно практикующих специалистов. На сегодняшний день издание публикует информацию о талантливых юристах из более чем 70 стран мира.

Методология отбора основана на рекомендациях юристов. Именно работающие в этой сфере профессионалы рекомендуют достойных рейтинга коллег.

Ссылка на сайт издания:



Адвокатское бюро «Юг» успешно защитило интересы крупнейшей электросетевой компании по иску гарантирующего поставщика электроэнергии.

Предметом иска явилось взыскание стоимости потерь электрической энергии при ее передаче в размере более 17 млн. руб. Юристы АБ ЮГ доказали, что гарантирующим поставщиком не были выполнены обязательные условия для одностороннего расторжения договора энергоснабжения, ввиду чего отсутствуют основания считать объемы поставленной электроэнергии бездоговорным потреблением, а, соответственно, нет и оснований взыскивать их стоимость в качестве фактических потерь.


По делу было установлено, что наличие или отсутствие технической возможности введения ограничения режима потребления электроэнергии социально-значимого потребителя в каждом конкретном случае следует устанавливать с учетом последствий, наступающих в результате такого ограничения.

В результате решением арбитражного суда Краснодарского края в иске к электросетевой компании отказано полностью.

Настоящее дело может существенным образом повлиять на рассмотрение иных аналогичным дел, по которым заявлено взыскание с доверителя более 500 млн. руб.Интересы Доверителя представляли управляющий партнер Юрий Пустовит и юрист Алексей Демехин



Юрий Пустовит вручил премию лауреату конкурса «Триумф-2019» в номинации «юриспруденция».

5 апреля 2019 года в камерном зале Краснодарского академического театра драмы состоялся финал конкурса «Триумф-2019». Конкурс, учрежденный еженедельником «Юг Таймс» три года назад, был призван отметить заслуги профессионалов, добившихся выдающихся успехов в своей деятельности.


В этом году жюри, в составе которого был управляющий партнер Адвокатского бюро «Юг» Юрий Пустовит, определило претендентов на победу в результате тщательного отбора по нескольким критериям.

Юрий Пустовит, выигравший гран-при конкурса «Триумф-2018», вручил диплом победителю в номинации «Триумф в юриспруденции».

В перерывах между награждениями собравшихся ждала концертная программа - музыкальные номера, театральные миниатюры.



АБ «Юг» успешно защитило интересы ведущего поставщика игрового оборудования

Адвокатское бюро «Юг» успешно защитило интересы ведущего поставщика игрового оборудования по иску строительной компании.


Исполняя договор, Доверитель допустил существенную просрочку в поставке товара, вопреки условиям договора не известил заказчика о начале выполнения монтажных работ. Ненадлежащее качество поставленного товара и выполненных работ установлены заключением судебной экспертизы.

Между тем, юристам по судебным и арбитражным делам АБ ЮГ удалось доказать, что порядок заявления недостатков по качеству нарушен, односторонний отказ заказчика от исполнения договора является незаконным. Кроме того, опровергнута причинно-следственная связь между возникновением недостатков товара и действиями поставщика. В результате решением арбитражного суда Краснодарского края в иске к подрядчику отказано полностью.

Интересы Доверителя представлял адвокат Демехин Алексей.



Юристы адвокатского бюро «Юг» предотвратили взыскание неустойки

Адвокатское бюро «Юг» предотвратило взыскание неустойки администрацией муниципального образования с оператора логистического комплекса


Юристы по судебным и арбитражным делам АБ «Юг» успешно предотвратили взыскание неустойки администрацией Кореновского городского поселения Кореновского района с Доверителя, реализующего инвестиционный проект по строительству логистического парка.

Стоит отметить, что данный иск был предъявлен администрацией в суд общей юрисдикции с нарушением правил подведомственности, а также при отсутствии оснований исчисления неустойки. Производство по гражданскому делу было прекращено в связи с не подведомственностью данного дела суду общей юрисдикции.

Интересы Доверителя по проекту представляли старший юрист Сергей Радченко и юрист Захар Хребтов



Адвокатское бюро «Юг» предотвратило изъятие земельного участка площадью 20 Га у оператора логистического комплекса

Юристы АБ «Юг» успешно предотвратили изъятие администрацией Кореновского город-ского поселения Кореновского района земельного участка, площадью 20 Га, предостав-ленного Доверителю для размещения логистического парка.


Стоит отметить, что данный иск был предъявлен администрацией в суд общей юрисдик-ции с нарушением правил подведомственности, а также при отсутствии оснований для изъятия, предусмотренных ст. 284 ГК РФ. Производство по гражданскому делу было пре-кращено в связи с не подведомственностью данного дела суду общей юрисдикции.

Интересы Доверителя по проекту представляли старший юрист Сергей Радченко и юрист Захар Хребтов



Адвокатское бюро «Юг» вновь подтвердило свои лидирующие позиции в рейтинге Chambers Europe 2019.

Вот уже второй год подряд день 8 марта ознаменован не только Международным женским праздником, но и едва ли не более значимым для юристов событием – публикацией результатов исследования юридического рынка Европы агентством Chambers and Partners.


Рейтинги Chambers and Partners в очередной раз номинировали Адвокатское бюро «Юг» (Band 1), управляющего партнера Юрия Пустовита (Band 1) и старшего юриста Сергея Рад-ченко (Band 2) в качестве надежного партнера для юридического сопровождения бизнеса.

Все без исключения источники, говоря об Адвокатском бюро «Юг» (Band 1) отмечают подход фирмы, ориентированный на достижение результата, и один из них объясняет: «мне нравится их подход к решению проблем и их способность распутывать сложные дела». Подчеркивая сильную позицию в регионе, один из источников заявляет, что «это фирма, к которой я бы обязательно обратился в Краснодаре».

По отзывам респондентов управляющий партнер Юрий Пустовит (Band 1) признан «одним из сильнейших юристов юга России»; «лидирующий юрист, действует по широкому кругу коммерческих споров». Один из впечатленных источников сообщает: «Он блестяще справляется в суде и может быстро и эффективно реагировать на доводы и действия оппонента». Опрошенные также отмечают его ориентированность на результат, поясняя, что «у него творческий подход, он всегда находит пути к победе».

Старший юрист Сергей Радченко (Band 2) консультирует клиентов по целому ряду коммерческих споров. Ему признательны за его внимание к деталям и преданность потребностям клиентов. Один источник описывает его как «блестящего аналитика, который всегда может найти ту маленькую деталь, которая была упущена другими», в то время как другой собеседник отмечает, «он всегда может найти выход из трудной ситуации».



Адвокатское бюро «Юг» в очередной раз успешно защитило интересы пользователей европейской платформы для поиска попутчиков

Юристы Адвокатского бюро «Юг» выиграли судебный спор, который мог создать опасный прецедент и со временим привести к оттоку пользователей из европейского сервиса по поиску попутчиков, что могло поставить под угрозу бизнес клиента на территории России.


Для защиты интересов клиента юристами АБ «Юг» была разработана позиция, которая доказала, что в действиях водителя-пользователя платформы нет ни одного из трёх признаков предпринимательской деятельности: действия на свой риск, цели получения прибыли, систематичности её получения. Производство по обоим административным делам было прекращено за отсутствием события правонарушения.

Интересы Доверителя по проекту представлял старший юрист Сергей Радченко и юрист Захар Хребтов



Адвокатское бюро «Юг» выступило стратегическим партнером Арбитражной конференции на Ковалевских чтениях: «Ошибка: право или ответственность».

14-15 февраля 2019 года в Ельцин Центре г. Екатеринбурга состоялось знаменательное событие в юридическом мире: 16-я международная научно-практическая конференция «Ковалевские чтения». Мероприятие носит имя основателя уральской уголовно-правовой школы Митрофана Ивановича Ковалева и проводится под патронажем кафедры уголовного права УрГЮУ с 2004 года. В настоящее время организатором и идейным вдохновителем конференции является адвокатское бюро «Loys», еще в недавнем прошлом известное как «Пучков и партнеры». Адвокатское бюро «Юг» выступило стратегическим партнером арбитражной конференции.


За годы своего существования «Ковалевские чтения» превратились в международную площадку для обсуждения актуальных вопросов, стоящих перед современным международным юридическим сообществом. Участниками конференции стали не только ученые и преподаватели в области уголовного права, но и судьи, сотрудники полиции и прокуратуры, адвокаты и практикующие юристы из разных стран, нотариусы, а также журналисты, студенты и аспиранты.

В этом году основной темой конференции стало обсуждение всех аспектов ошибки в праве. Каковы виды ошибок и основные отрасли их возможного допущения? Каковы пределы разграничения ошибки и действий, направленных на совершение преступления? Как избежать допущения тяжких последствий при оказании профессиональных услуг? Ответственность при совершении ошибок: врачебных, нотариальных, предпринимательских, судебных, адвокатских и других.

Среди спикеров и модераторов сессий на 16-х «Ковалевских чтениях» выступили Клишас А.А. председатель Комитета Совета Федерации по конституционному законодательству и государственному строительству, Бублик В.А., ректор Уральского государственного юридического университета, Креков П.В., заместитель губернатора Свердловской области, Пилипенко Ю.С., президент Федеральной палаты адвокатов РФ, Смирнов С.В., вице-президент Федеральной нотариальной палаты, Семеняко Е.В., первый вице-президент Федеральной палаты адвокатов РФ, практикующие юристы из США и Европы, а также иные участники, чья профессиональная деятельность тем или иным образом связана с юриспруденцией.

Управляющий партнер Адвокатского бюро «Юг» Юрий Пустовит выступил в сессии «Профессиональные ошибки в адвокатской и нотариальной деятельности: сила слова и плата за него?», которую модерировали Юрий Сергеевич Пилипенко, Президент Федеральной палаты адвокатов РФ и Станислав Вячеславович Смирнов, вице-президент Федеральной нотариальной палаты. Цена ошибки в таких областях профессиональной деятельности высока: с одной стороны, субъект несет ответственность перед профессиональным сообществом, с другой – перед государством, возможно, и уголовную (например, ст. 202 УК РФ). Такое положение дел становится крайне несправедливым для одних, где правонарушение обязательно к разбирательству с целью выявления злонамеренного поступка, и практически безнаказанным для других участников данной профессиональной деятельности. Помимо проблемы двойного контроля в ряде сфер профессиональной деятельности вызывает много дискуссий роль морали в осуществлении профессиональной деятельности как фактора недопущения ошибок. В одних случаях стандарты поведения прописаны в корпоративных нормах, а с другой – эти нормы нарушаются, что приводит к тяжелым последствиям.

Выступление Управляющего партнера Адвокатского бюро «Юг» Юрия Пустовита было посвящено деликатной проблеме, когда позиция клиента расходится с позицией адвоката, поиску путей выхода из этой кризисной ситуации и причинах ее возникновения. Выступление включало в себя практические примеры и кейсы из профессиональной деятельности, и было тепло принято слушателями. Участники конференции смогут опираться на полученный из презентации опыт в своей работе. По итогам выступления Юрия Пустовита ему было предложено подготовить статью для Адвокатской Газеты.

Первый день рабочей программы закончился выступлением Нино Катамадзе, которую организатор форума Денис Пучков приветствовал речью на родном для нее грузинском языке.

Второй день конференции начался с расширенного выездного заседания Совета Федеральной палаты адвокатов РФ с участием представителей СНГ. Параллельно на панельных дискуссиях сравнивались Legaltech и классическое юридическое образование с точки зрения ошибки или прорыва в будущем.

Арбитражная конференция, стратегическим партнером которой выступило Адвокатское бюро «Юг», вызвала большой интерес у участников «Ковалевских чтений» и собрала большую аудиторию. Конференция содержала несколько панельных сессий: «Арбитражное соглашение: как избежать ошибки?», «Ошибка арбитра и ошибка представителя в арбитраже. Какова цена и кто платит?», Старший юрист Адвокатского бюро «Юг» Сергей Радченко выступил спикером в панельной дискуссии «Реализация процессуальных прав: ошибка или злоупотребление?». Выступление Сергея было посвящено теме «Злоупотребление процессуальными правами в государственных судах», включая понятие злоупотребления процессуальными правами, их отличию от злоупотребления субъективным правом, примеры злоупотребления процессуальными правами и методы противодействия злоупотреблениям, основанные на своем профессиональном адвокатском опыте.

«Ковалевские чтения» 2019 стали высокопрофессиональной площадкой для общения ведущих мировых деятелей уголовно-правовой науки, представителей судебных и следственных органов, лидеров адвокатского сообщества и юридических практик России, США, Великобритании, Европы и Азии.



Юристы Адвокатского бюро «Юг» успешно представили интересы компании-лидера в сфере проектного и строительного инжиниринга в корпоративном споре о предоставлении документации.

Участник общества имел обоснованные сомнения в добросовестности директора и одновременно участника Общества при ведении хозяйственной деятельности, ввиду чего запросил финансовую документацию. Общество уклонилось от представления запрошенных документов, ссылаясь на значительный объем запрошенных документов, а также действующий в организации режим коммерческой тайны.


Суд первой инстанции сделал ошибочные выводы о том, что участник не имеет права на получение информации. Однако апелляционная коллегия детально изучила обстоятельства дела и согласилась с доводами АБ «Юг», признав, что законные права участника общества на получение информации нарушены, поскольку режим коммерческой тайны установлен директором с превышением установленной законом и уставом компетенции; интерес участника в получении информации правомерный, вызван проведением аудита финансовой документации и подготовкой к привлечению к ответственности директора, а злоупотребление правом не доказано.

В результате комплексного и сложного судебного разбирательства исковые требования удовлетворены, и общество обязано представить запрошенные Клиентом АБ «Юг» документы в полном объеме.

Интересы доверителя в рамках проекта представлял юрист Алексей Демехин.



Юристы Адвокатского бюро «Юг» успешно защитили интересы австрийского инвестора в Краснодарском краевом суде по спору о взыскании 469 млн. рублей

К доверителю Адвокатского бюро «Юг», крупному австрийскому инвестору, работающему в 30 странах мира, завод которого расположен в Башкирии, был предъявлен иск о взыскании 469 млн. рублей. Иск был основан на якобы имеющейся у доверителя обязанности по уплате суммы НДС по заключенному доверителем соглашению об отступном, согласно которому в счёт погашения задолженности по кредитному договору на сумму 2,5 млрд. рублей передавалось оборудование по производству мебели аналогичной стоимости.


При заключении соглашения об отступном, условия которого были предложены истцом, была учтена имеющаяся судебная практика о том, что отступное не облагается НДС. Однако впоследствии Верховный Суд РФ (п.23 Обзора практики № 2 (2017) занял иную позицию, согласно которой должник, предоставивший отступное в целях прекращения обязательств по договору займа, обязан заплатить НДС. Учитывая изменившуюся судебную практику, истец заплатил НДС, затем решил взыскать уплаченный НДС с нашего доверителя, для чего предъявил иск о взыскании долга по соглашению об отступном в размере уплаченного НДС.

Арбитражный суд г. Москвы в иске отказал. В апелляции истец неожиданно отказался от иска, в связи с чем Девятый арбитражный апелляционный суд решение отменил, производство по делу прекратил.

Дальше начинается самое интересное: истец уступает право требования физическому лицу-гражданину Белоруссии, который за неделю до предъявления иска регистрируется по месту пребывания в г. Новороссийске, и предъявляет иск к этому физическому лицу о признании уступки права требования недействительной, с целью создать преюдицию, которая установит обязанность оплатить суммы НДС доверителем, что им успешно удается.

Для вынесения следующего решения о взыскании НДС с Доверителя оппонентам потребовался фотограф-фрилансер из г. Новороссийска, который «поручился» за австрийского инвестора на сумму заявленного долга, что позволило оппонентам предъявить иск к доверителю не по месту нахождения последнего, а по месту жительства «поручителя» - в Октябрьский районный суд

г. Новороссийска и успешно взыскать сумму задолженности, невзирая на недопустимость подобного и отрицательную практику ВАС РФ и ВС РФ.

Юристами Адвокатского бюро «Юг» была разработана и изложена в апелляционной жалобе на решение суда правовая позиция, доказывающая ошибочность решения суда по существу, а также нарушение судом первой инстанции правил подсудности. Краснодарский краевой суд решение Октябрьского районного суда Новороссийска о взыскании с доверителя 469 млн. рублей отменил, в иске отказал.

Это дело вызвало большой общественный резонанс, получив освещение более чем в 40 средствах массовой информации, включая федеральные СМИ.

Интересы клиента представляли юристы Сергей Радченко, Захар Хребтов и Юрий Пустовит.