Land disputes

There is no secret that land disputes are one of the most difficult legal areas. It can be explained, firstly, with a huge legislative base on this issue, which makes it difficult to study it and apply. It is a common case when contradictions and conflict arise out of this huge array of regulations, reflecting some obvious discrepancies in the documents. It often leads to large legal disputes, as well as to issues on applying land legislation. As these disputes are difficult cases, the number of trials is constantly growing every year. Sometimes they involve such cases with no judicial practice to regulate them.
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Legal nuances

However, when violating land legislation, you may become liable to both administrative and criminal offences. If you have any disputes over land or land plots, you should go to a competent specialist in order to win the case and stay “clear”.

What are land disputes?

So, what are land disputes? There are can different land disputes, that arise out between ordinary owners and (or) legal entities which believe that their right to land is being violated.

What types of disputes are the most common?

There are many types of land disputes, and each can have individual features. But there are several the most "popular" ones, such as violation of land boundaries, etc. The common parties in these disputes are neighbors. In case of land dispute, one shall go to the court and defend rights to a land plot with a help of a qualified lawyer.

But there may be more complicated disputes. And here you may need a help of a professional lawyer who has experience in resolving land disputes. It is a common case when court decisions are not satisfied, or new details are found out during appeal proceedings and the court decision may be canceled, unfortunately, not in your favor. Therefore, you should trust someone who has extensive experience in such proceedings and knows exactly how to achieve a positive decision on your issue and let them collect evidence and defend your position in the court.

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