>Юридические услуги сопровождения сделок (в т.ч. с недвижимостью), анализ и экспертиза договоров

Do you want to protect the upcoming purchase transaction as much as possible? Do you need throughout analysis or expert review of a future contact with a counterparty? The lawyers of Advocates Bureau Yug provide the clients with high-qualified legal assistance in real estate transactions or other transactions of any kind. It is worth remembering that the purchase transaction of real estate (apartments, land, county house or parking place) always bears some risks. Legal advice on commercial activities in Krasnodar, Sochi, Novorossiysk or any other cities of Krasnodar region is one of the key practices of Advocates Bureau Yug. We provide the clients with advice on civil, land, labour, financial, tax, administrative and other areas of law. Do you want to be sure that you get the best legal assistance available in Krasnodar? Visit us at 16 Krasnaya Street in Krasnodar, or give us a call at +7 (861) 27 99 111

Services on legal support of transactions, analysis and review of contracts:

Юридические услуги при сопровождении сделок, анализа и экспертизы договоров
  • development and complex legal review of civil contracts, negotiating on behalf of the client in entering into, amending or terminating contracts;
  • analyzing completed and contemplated transactions to comply with requirements of Russian law, preparing legal recommendations on minimizing and eliminating detected risks;
  • legal support in the area of personal and confidential data security;
Юридические услуги при сопровождении сделок, анализа и экспертизы договоров
  • development of a company’s local regulations, provisions and policies, and verification of their compliance with Russian law;
  • development and analysis of documentation regulating sales promotions (games, lotteries, contests);
  • legal support on licensing certain business activities and regulations in environmental protection.

The price of a real estate transaction or other contracts is usually high. Moreover, numerous fraudulent schemes may deprive you of commercial premises, apartment, house or land without qualified legal assistance. Thus, legal support of real estate transactions is sheer necessity nowadays. Therefore, it is extremely important to contact high-skilled lawyers. You will find them in Advocates Bureau Yug.

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