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Legal assistance in environmental law. Environmental lawyers from Advocates Bureau Yug. Full range of legal services, including representation in the court.
If you thought that environmental law is something very far away, related only to Greenpeace, then you were wrong. In fact, it significantly affects many types of business activities. Note that environmental law regulates relations between nature and a humankind. Particularly, the activities of natural persons also fall under the environmental law. Illegal hunting (including the ‘red list’ animals) is the most common article, violated by ordinary citizens.
Advocates Bureau Yug will assist in solving any issues of environmental law in Krasnodar, Krasnodar Krai and other cities of Russia, competently and professionally.

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Legal nuances

Regarding the environmental law, it is worth noting that it includes environmental protection, environmental safety and the legal use of natural resources. However, legislative framework is imperfect and bring lawyers new tasks.Environmental conflicts are quite common, and sometimes they cause situations when an absolutely innocent natural person or legal entity falls under the law due to “cleaning” from state bodies or activities of local nature lovers.

Where to apply?

When in need of an advice from environmental lawyer, one should not postpone the issue. It is better to solve it here and now! In Krasnodar lawyers from Advocates Bureau Yug can help you! Our qualified legal experts will advise you on issues of concern. And if you need a protection, they will quickly make a defensing position for you.

When an environmental lawyer is needed?

ABY’s lawyers are more than just legal experts. They are experienced qualified specialists who have often deals with the environmental legislation. Therefore, they will help you solve the issue quickly and competently!

What are the most frequently asked questions?

1) Entrepreneurs who want to consult on compliance with requirements of the environmental law;
2) We analyze compliance of the clients’ documents to the environmental legislation;
3) Assistance in drawing up legally accurate documents;
4) We carry out environmental expertise;
5) We give explanations and specify on how to act in case of environmental disputes with state bodies;
6) And if you have already suffered from environmental offense, we will help you to challenge the court’s decision or resolution.

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