Public law disputes

Disputes with government agencies become a common case. Individuals or legal entities constantly files administrative lawsuits against some institutions (such as the administration) in regards of their actions (or omissions). Such disputes arise out due to two parties’ interests clashing - a legal entity/natural person and state bodies. However, these cases are quite complicated and almost impossible to win on your own. Moreover, if you lose once, you want be able to file the same claim second time. So you should think in advance how to win the trial and get support of experienced lawyers.
Advocates Bureau Yug will help you to resolve any disputes with state authorities in Krasnodar, the Krasnodar Krai and any other cities, competently and professionally.

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What one should know

Sometimes government bodies file an independent claim against an individual or legal entity, demanding to recover rent payments, etc. But these are not the saddest examples. Sometimes there is an abuse of power among local authorities, and it is impossible to fight alone. However, there are specialists experienced in resolving disputes with government agencies. Advocates Bureau Yug will advise you and assists in resolving it as soon as possible.

What a lawyers should do in order to resolve a dispute with a government body

If you still want to hire a lawyer, here are main tasks they solve to restore your rights:
1) Clarify whether a government body’s actions (omissions) are legitimate;
2) Determine the damage caused by the actions (omissions) of the government authority, as a result of illegal actions.

If government body’s actions are illegal

If government body’s actions are proved to be illegal, then lawyers shall do as follows:
1) Send a pre-trial claim to the government body due to its actions (omissions). After that, they shall submit a statement of claim to the court, and the case on restoration of rights is to be resolved in court.
2) challenge discrepancies in the regulations of the government bodies if they happen in disputes.
3) draw up legal opinions and expertise, if required.

Assistance of lawyers in disputes with government authorities:

The assistance of lawyers in disputes with government authorities are also needed in the following cases:
1) Losses recovery caused by actions (inaction) of government bodies;
2) Representation of interests in cases related to the economic sector (administrative litigation proceedings).

Advocates Bureau Yug in Krasnodar has lawyers with high experience in resolving disputes with government agencies. Make an appointment and we will solve your issue as soon as possible! Or give us a call!

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