Legal services. How to make the court recognize property rights

The right to use, own and dispose property is clearly enshrined in Russian legislation. Both natural person and legal entity can have an ownership.
Since the property rights are protected by law, no one has the right to encroach on them. However, nowadays the number of situations when property rights are being severely violated are increasing. In fact, it completely deprives property owners of their rights to dispose it.
Sometimes the owner has to prove that he is the real owner of the property. The issues that cause such situations may vary and differ significantly. But there is always the way, one and only, to solve such issue by restoring violated rights through the courts. Advocates Bureau Yug will assist you in solving, competently and professionally, any legal issues related to the recognition of property rights in Krasnodar, Sochi, Krasnodar Krai and other cities of Russia.

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Legal nuances

Rosreestr is the authority that manages registration and accounting of property in Russia. However, someday the property may be found to be registered under another person’s name due to different reasons. Or someone may Illegally get hands on your property.
Before filing a claim in court, you need to prepare a detailed list of documents and evidence? Including such mandatory documents as: a purchase and sale agreement (or another document confirming the transaction); a copy of the gift agreement if the property was given as a gift; a certificate if the property was given as an inheritance. If you use the property for a long time, you need to submit payment documents to the court confirming that the property was maintained and repaired. You also must provide the court with such documents as property documents as a cadastral passport, up-to-date extract from the USRIP and a payment receipt of the state court fee for filing a claim.


It is worth noting that the filing of a claim must be carried out in the courts in the same city where the disputed property is located. The case consideration is established by the law.
Our experienced lawyers can ensure you that there is a way out of any situation, even the most complicated one. The most important thing is to find really competent specialists who will help you restore your violated rights and defend your interests before the law. Our Advocates Bureau Yug employs only real professionals in their field, who have extensive experience in resolving such situations. Therefore, call us and make an appointment for a consultation, and at a personal meeting we will be able to find out all the nuances of your problem and resolve it in your favor!

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