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It is extremely important for legal entities to find out and determine the correct cadastral value of the property. After all, such factors as tax, rent, etc., are to be calculated from the actual cadastral value of the property. But sometimes its figures are much lower than the actual cadastral value indicated in the documents. What should one do in such a situation? This article tells you about how to reduce the cadastral value.
First step to contest the cadastral value of the property is to apply to an administrative commission on this issue. The Commission shall make a decision, and if it is a refusal, the legal entity has rights to apply an administrative claim to the court. Applying to the Commission on the issue is a mandatory pre-trial procedure. Advocates Bureau Yug will assist you in solving, competently and professionally, any legal issues related to contesting the cadastral value in Krasnodar, Sochi, Krasnodar Krai and other cities of Russia.

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Legal nuances

You can apply to the courts by attaching the following documents to an administrative statement of claim: an extract from the USRIP, which contains the actual value of the property to be disputed; a document that confirms the inaccuracy in calculation of the cadastral value; expert opinion with conclusions about the real market value of the disputed object (NB the market value must be established by the expert based on the date when its original value was determined); other evidence necessary for a positive court decision.
All the said documents must be collected and submitted by the legal entity into the court, since, according to the law, each person, independently, is obliged to prove circumstances that will be referred to in court proceedings.

Court settlement

During proceedings the court will rely primarily on the expert opinion on determining the market value provided by the administrative plaintiff. However, the other part may submit a request for re-examination in an independent expert organization. In such a case, the court, relying on opinions and wishes of the parties in the proceedings, appoints a new expert organization to make another assessment of the cadastral value of the property.
Due to all these and similar procedural issues, the trial may be delayed for several months, and financial costs will increase as well.

It will be difficult to deal with all the legal nuances on your own, especially for a legal entity that counts every minute. Therefore, let experts from ABY to assists you in solving issues on contesting the cadastral value of the property. We have helped many legal entities to reduce established cadastral value, which in turn has essentially reduced their associated costs for the property maintenance. Make an appointment or visit us at the address: Krasnodar, Krasnaya str. 16
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