Investment disputes

The investment flow is the key to the successful economy. Unfortunately, the investment sector, like any others, has controversial situations that may arise out of relations of the parties. As this relations has a specific features such as parties being representatives of different countries, controversies may arise out of both cooperation issues or some legislative conflicts. Many Russian lawyers consider this issue to be fundamentally important, since it is necessary to remind the legislative bodies that regulations governing the investment sector are far from perfect. It is a common situation when the conflict requires resolution in an international format, since Russian law cannot simply resolve the dispute.
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Who can resolve investment disputes?

Investment disputes fall within the jurisdiction of the commercial court, i.e. all conflicts are resolved directly by it. In the event of an international conflict, the dispute shall be transferred to an arbitration court.

Conflicts that arise out of international law are some disagreements that have happened between two parties of investment relations: the recipient (the state), and the investor. The latter is represented either by a private party making their investment, or by another state.

However, usually any economic disputes can be recognized as investment conflicts. And it is not always the investment conflict has anything to do with international law.

The most common investment disputes

The most common investment disputes are disagreements between two parties that represent different countries. But there are also situations when both investors are located on the territory of Russia.

Investment disputes fall within the competence of the arbitration lawyer. It is not easy to find such an expert who will understand both Russian and international law. After all, resolving such conflicts requires not only experience, but also a deep knowledge of laws and regulations.

Participating in the investment dispute, a lawyer who represents and protects the interests of his client at the international level should understand the difficult economic relations between two countries, consider the financial side of the issue and tax law.

The lawyer also has a task to collect evidence and prepare it before submitting to the court. Moreover, the lawyer must develop the concept of how to present requirements , and prepare all written requirements. And finally, the lawyer must protect of the client's interests in the court.
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