Legal Protection of Business

Unfortunately, business development in Russia often has indistinctive statistics. Over 80% of opened companies of all types close after a year. Only 4% of business enterprises pass the threshold of 3 years activity and more. Reasons for shutdown may vary, including interfering competitors. The company's management also may lead to its shutdown due to their wrong decision making. The newly formed businesses, in particular, suffer under pressure from tax services and other government agencies.

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Legal Protection of Business

The domestic legislation makes a life of business owner very difficult, because there is a lack protection against the state and its authorized bodies, lack of competitive 'survival' methods. Moreover, company's own employees may cause troubles by filing complaints and other similar statements.

How to operate your business, investing into its development, and not worry about when and how you may be fined or pressed to shut down your business while becoming liable to administrative charges or criminal prosecution. There is only one way out. Your business is in need of reliable legal protection.

How do you get it? It is very simple! Lawyers of Advocates Bureau YUG are true professionals who have saved more than one business from complete liquidation. We will provide with high-quality services on legal protection of your business.

Legal Protection of Business

ABY provides the following services for your business:

- legal protection in disputes with tax authorities;

- protection of enterprise during criminal investigation or legal proceedings;

- legal assistance in during inspections initiated by controlling state bodies;

- protection of your company's interests in all courts and state bodies.

Large companies very high revenues are not the only ones that need to protect their businesses, but small and medium businesses as well. For example, from raiding or illegal actions of state institution officials. No one can predict or anticipate such sudden problems, as well as to be prepared for them.

When such problems arise, many managements are lost Feeling self-righteous, they try to protect their business on their own or assign incompetent lawyers to handle the issue. This approach is wrong! You should be sure that lawyers, who have come to your aid, are professionals with great experience in solving complex issues. Advocates Bureau YUG provides their clients with high-quality assistance and reliable legal protection of business.

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