Property Legal Verification

Advocates Bureau YUG focuses on legal support of property transactions. You should always remember that legal purity of a real estate or a land plot to be purchased is the key factor in property transactions.

The legal purity of property defines conditions under which no one will be able to claim the acquired property from its owner, the diligent purchaser, in the future.

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Property Legal Verification

Different situations can occur in life. For example, upon purchasing the property, a person, who considers themselves its owner, can file claims against the new owner of the property. There may be many reasons for it to happen. For instance, the seller had no rights to sell the property, or there was an abuse of authority during the sale, or no one took into account rights of minors during transaction, or the property was under arrest at the time of sale.

Property Legal Verification

Lawyers of Advocates Bureau YUG can perform legal verification of the purchased property and assure you that transaction is legally pure. They study and check all information on the property, its history and all related documents. We go further that just examining documentation. We look for all factors that could affect transaction's legality. This is the only way to identify all possible risks.

When purchasing a real estate object or land plot, you need to know for sure that the transaction will be carried out in full compliance with the current legislation, and that it will not be recognized as invalid in the future.

If you want to avoid getting into unpleasant situations during the acquisition of real estate and, therefore, into long-term trial proceedings, we recommend you to contact the lawyers of Advocates Bureau YUG and protect yourself from risks. Moreover, assistance of a professional lawyer during transaction brings additional guarantees. You can rest assure that the object for purchase is checked by an expert, legally compliant and will not lead to additional risks in the future. Lawyers of Advocates Bureau YUG are legal professionals with years of accumulated experience in assisting with transaction, including such services as checking legal purity of objects to be purchased.

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