Intellectual Property Protection

Perhaps, everyone knows that intellectual property is usually understood as the results of creative activity. Unfortunately, it is a common case, when such property is appropriated or used without the consent of its creator. In order to protect the exclusive right, the Federal law was adopted as well as methods to protect intellectual property were developed. Advocates Bureau YUG offers its legal assistance in resolving intellectual property conflicts of any complexity.

The results of intellectual property must be protected by international law (agreements, conventions) and domestic legislation. Russian law stipulates various nuances in the field of intellectual property protection: during its creation, registration or conflict resolution.

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Intellectual Property Protection

However, it is necessary to understand what kind of intellectual property is subject to protection, as the law limits the range of such objects, in any case, they are intangible items. For example, a CD is not an object of intellectual property, it will be the recording that it contains.

Assistance in this matter can vary and depends on its stage. It is much easier to protect your rights at the very beginning by writing a license agreement.

What entails the lawyer's assistance?

A competent lawyer with extensive experience in protection of intellectual property has almost unlimited possibilities. During legal consultation, such lawyer performs detailed analysis of the issue in question, assesses its circumstances which have caused it. Afterward, the lawyer develops a legal position and define appropriate actions, including assessing outcome of the issue.

Intellectual Property Protection

An intellectual property lawyer analyzes each situation, takes into account certain circumstances and legitimate interests of the parties in accordance with the current legislation. A dispute can be resolved with the help of a lawyer either before the trial - by preparing all necessary documents for copyright registration or by concluding a license agreement - or by a court's decision. The most important thing is to achieve the result desired by the client.

ABY provides the following services on intellectual property protection:

- registration of an exclusive right

- defending rights in a trial, including protection of copyright and business reputation

- preparation of patent

- patent dispute resolution

- trademark: registration, cancellation, protection.

- appeal against decisions of Rospatent and others.

If you want to avoid getting into unpleasant situations during the acquisition of real estate and, therefore, into long-term trial proceedings, we recommend you to contact the lawyers of Advocates Bureau YUG and protect yourself from risks. Moreover, assistance of a professional lawyer during transaction brings additional guarantees. You can rest assure that the object for purchase is checked by an expert, legally compliant and will not lead to additional risks in the future. Lawyers of Advocates Bureau YUG are legal professionals with years of accumulated experience in assisting with transaction, including such services as checking legal purity of objects to be purchased.

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