foto consumer disputes

We provide legal advice to our clients on consumer rights protection and related legislation arising out of the company’s daily activity. ABY also provides legal support in negotiating with state authorities and for the purpose of detecting and minimizing possible risks. Our lawyers can develop recommendations on how best to apply consumer protection legislation and in compliance with each company’s business field.

Complying with all requirements of consumer protection legislation and related legislation is a difficult task for any company: consumer protection issues often overlap with such areas as personal data processing, labeling, providing information, certification, advertising, etc. ABY lawyers act as the legal representatives of large manufacturing companies, importers and sellers who seek to be as effective as possible, including in relations with consumers. In our turn, we help clients to do it competently and effectively from the legal point of view, including defending companies in disputes with consumers.


  • Legal advice on consumer protection law:
    • legal advice on related legislation;
    • product labeling;
    • providing information on goods (services);
    • processing of customer personal data;
    • certification;
    • advertising support;
    • state regulation of prices (rates).
  • claim settlement and litigation (defending clients in disputes with consumers);
  • preparing and implementing settlement agreements with consumers;
  • drafting contracts with consumers with regard to protecting the client’s rights and interests as much as possible;
  • legal advice on preparing instructions and other documents accompanying the goods to ensure their compliance with consumer protection law;
  • representing the client in negotiating with consumers.