Международные юристы в Краснодаре. Инвестиционное право. Юридическая проверка активов

The international lawyers of Advocates Bureau Yug pay close attention to Russian and foreign investors, provides clients with legal advice on the investment environment in Russia and represents their interests during negotiation with state and local authorities. As disputes may take place in other countries (Turkey, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria and others), the international lawyers of Advocates Bureau Yug are very experience at the legislation of other countries. We use our knowledge and skills in the client’s favour. Foreign companies often rely on legal assistance of international lawyers while operating in Krasnodar, Novorossiysk, Sochi, Anapa and other cities of Krasnodar region. We provide the clients with high-qualified legal services in Krasnodar region. Visit us at 16 Krasnaya Street, Krasnodar, or give us a call at +7 (861) 27 99 111

We provide the following investment services to our Russian and international clients:

  • providing legal advice on establishing a new business structure, including structuring Russian asset holding and restrictions related to asset holding by foreigners and foreign business;
  • development of constituent documents, legal support during the state registration of business in Russia;
  • providing the registration of rights to intellectual property and legal advice on protection of such property and personal data;
  • processing licenses to employ foreigners and for foreign employees to become employed in the Russian Federation;
  • development of investment agreements, evaluation of investment risks, defining conditions to terminate an investment agreement;
  • development of corporate contracts and shareholder agreements;
  • representing the client in negotiating with state and local authorities during review and coordination of investment projects, acquisition of state- or municipally-owned land plots and/or immovable property by an investor;
  • legal due diligence of assets acquired in the Russian Federation;
  • protection of investors’ interests in the Russian courts, recognition and enforcement of foreign court judgments and arbitral awards in Russia.
Международные юристы. Инвестиционное право. Юридическая проверка активов
Международные юристы. Инвестиционное право. Юридическая проверка активов

The international lawyers of Advocates Bureau Yug are highly qualified experts, providing legal assistance in settling disputes between parties with registration outside of Russia. Our international lawyers will defend the client’s interest in foreign courts, if required. We often deal with issues on international law regulation during shipping in Novorossiysk Sea Port and road freight transportation. Moreover, operating as an exporter or importer, the client and new partners shall come to mutual agreements. The international lawyers will assist in drafting a contract, thoroughly protecting the client’s interest. Our experts will analyze meticulously conditions of the delivery, payment arrangements and mutual obligations of the parties involved. If a foreign company’s rights are not respected in the Russian Federation, international lawyers can provide complex legal assistance in protecting the client in Russian courts, other judicial instances or states.

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