Адвокаты, юристы в сфере энергетики. Присоединение. Тарифные споры

For many years, Advocates Bureau Yug has provided legal protection to enterprises of the fuel and energy industry. Our lawyers act as legal advisers on projects in the oil and gas, energy, infrastructure and natural resources sectors. We operate in Krasnodar, Sochi, Novorossiysk, Anapa and other cities of Krasnodar region.
Contractual relations in the energy sector are formed between consumers and energy suppliers. The Law of the Russian Federation stipulates statutory regulation of pricing and tariffs in the area. The lawyers of Advocates Bureau Yug provide assistance in meeting all statutory requirements for settlement between contracting parties and recovery of energy consumption. The clients often contact us with questions related to non-contractual energy consumption. Our energy lawyers will protect rights of both energy supplier and consumer.

Energy lawyer’s services:

услуги юриста в сфере энергетики
  • legal advice on electricity (power) purchase on wholesale and retail markets, including:
    • review and drafting of contracts on behalf of TSO, electricity generators, power supply companies and consumers;
    • evaluation of risks related to clients’ business on the wholesale and retail markets;
    • detection of the most effective sources (wholesale/retail markets) to purchase electricity (power) and legal support of wholesale market entry.
  • legal advice on pricing and tariffs;
  • legal advice on issues related to power transmission, including utility connection, power dissipation, intertie, installation and use of commercial accounting;
  • legal support of energy conservation projects with renewable energy sources;
  • representing clients in disputes over breach of antitrust law;
  • due diligence of rights on land plots and real estate;
  • legal advice on completed transactions related to items of infrastructure and generation, shares/stocks of power supply enterprises, TSO, generating and service companies;
  • preparing requests, applications and complaints to the antitrust authorities. Legal support until receiving an answer or clarification;
  • resolution of disputes on abuse of market dominance, challenging of decisions and instructions through the court;
  • resolution of disputes over reluctance to enter into contracts/imposition of disadvantageous conditions;
  • breach of antitrust law during utility connection;
  • regulation of disputes between energy entities and regional rate services;
  • representing clients in disputes on setting or abolishing rates through the court;
  • preparing and defending independent expert legal opinions on rate setting;
  • legal support of projects related to compulsory changes to power transmission service payment structures ("reversal flow").

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