Corporate Disputes

Business risks increases along with the growing number of business activities on the market. More often than not, entrepreneurs get into a nasty legal situation and need competent legal protection no less than natural persons. It is very easy to become a victim of fraud and lose your business for good.

According to judicial practice, the most 'popular' disputes between legal entities entail mostly non-fulfilled obligations under the contract, which leads to fine charges, court costs, etc. Corporate disputes between state bodies and legal entities on challenging actions (or omissions) of officials often take place as well.

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What can go wrong when entering into a contract?

Since legal entities, as well as individuals, can possess property, their activities and reputation must be protected. Nowadays, corporate dispute in a commercial court is a common phenomenon. The reasons to apply for rights protection may vary. Dispute between several legal entities at once also may occur.

If a trial is waiting ahead, do not waste your time. Every day counts now! Lawyers of Advocates Bureau YUG are here for you. If there is a trial against violators of your rights, we will research all circumstances of the case in details, assess the risks and possible outcomes. If the trial has already taken place, we will help you to appeal against the court's decision and defend your legal rights and interests.

In order to be prepared for the trial, our lawyers collect the evidence that will help during hearing, prepare expert opinions, if necessary, and competently defend your rights in the court room. Corporate dispute is a difficult process, judges took time while considering them. You have to prepare yourself for such outcome, because the main thing is to achieve a correct and fair result during the trial.

Corporate Disputes

Lawyers of Advocates Bureau YUG have great experience in corporate disputes, which helps us to find a way out of seemingly hopeless situations. We can protect your business. Just arrange a meeting and come to ABY's office at the address: 16 Krasnaya Street, Krasnodar. We will help you to solve the problem!

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