Leasing disputes

Leasing disputes are disputes that arise out of a concluded lease agreement between the parties and are resolved in a pre-trial. If an agreement is not found, the dispute goes to court for resolution.
Note that leasing is a kind of rent. This can be a rent of transport, real estate or other things. The principle of leasing is that the "lessee" pays a monthly amount for the object, and has the right to buy it out by the end of the contract.
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The disputes between the parties of the lease agreement usually happens when reviewing the details of the contract, or if one party wants to terminate the contract ahead of time.

When disputes can arise out?

1) - When one party of the lease agreement wants to terminate it ahead of time.
2) - Due to premature termination of the contract, the second party may demand a penalty payment. However, there is a very important point: these conditions must be reflected in the contract, otherwise the requirements are deemed to be groundless.
3) - The dispute often may arise out of payment settlement under the lease agreement. There are two ways to resolve it. First one is to forward a pre-trial claim to the defendant. If there is no response or payment, the party can apply to the court in order to restore their violated rights.
4) - Sometimes lessees have to prove that the contract has been executed. Here you cannot do without a legal assistance.

5) - Sometimes there is a situation when the contract is not terminated, but the lessee stops making payments. In this case, the lesser has the right to collect the payments stipulated in the lease agreement ahead of time. Recovery shall be carried out by submitting an application to the court. So, these are possible actions when the lease agreement has been violated by one of the parties. Now let's move on to the main question – how to win a leasing dispute?

How to win a leasing dispute?

Here are some tips that may help you in making the court decide in your favour in a leasing dispute:
1) - Collect as much evidence as possible that the other party does not fulfill their obligations.
2) - Prepare the evidence for filing into the court.
3) - Find a lawyer experienced in leasing disputes or come to us. Qualified lawyer knows exactly how to achieve a positive court decision!

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