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Legal assistance in the field of information technologies. IT, Internet, online trading lawyers from Advocates Bureau Yug. Full range of services, including representation in court.
Legal services in the IT field are currently among the most popular services on the market, since almost every business encounters and develops through the Internet. Of course, it primarily concerns types of businesses that work in the field of finance, healthcare, etc. IT lawyers are also in demand, especially in IT and other companies, that are involved in development and support of applications, etc. Such legal experts examine risk analyses that arise with IT involvement. IT lawyers are also required in assisting with any IT-related business projects. Unforeseen circumstances may happen any time, and only qualified lawyers will help you to resolve the issue quickly and minimize damage.
Competently and professionally, Advocates Bureau Yug will help you to solve any IT-related issues in Krasnodar, Krasnodar Krai and other cities of Russia.

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Legal nuances

As we can see, IT has been affiliated with business for a long time now. Thus it requires close attention, especially due to its legal regulation and support.

Where to apply?

Advocates Bureau Yug will provide you with the best IT lawyers and consulting. We examine your problem and develop a plan to solve it. Sometimes it is enough just to give an advice, but in some cases you may have to go to the court. Here ABY also comes to the rescue – we can represent and protect the client’s interest in the court at the highest level. Our lawyers are responsible and competent specialists who have defended the interests of many companies.

When IT dispute goes to court?

Sometimes there are situations when a consultation is not enough to resolve the dispute. The only one way left is to go into the court. In this case, lawyers should conduct pre-trial work such as drawing up a claim and sending it to the court, collecting evidence and preparing for a trial.

Trial preparations.

Before the trial our lawyers make preparations as follows:
1) firstly, they get a notarized power of attorney from a client to be able to act on the client’s behalf in court and other instances;
2) Secondly, they examine the case, find out details of the issue and formulate a position for representation/defense in court;
3) Then, they draw up a pre-trial claim and send it to the defendant;
4) Finally, upon making payment for the state fee they file a claim into the court.

Everything is easier when qualified experts are involved. Therefore, do not waste your time, and contact the IT lawyers from Advocates Bureau Yug. We have a wide range of legal services. Make an appointment or visit us at the address: Krasnodar, Krasnaya str. 16
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