Legal Auditing

A readymade business that is to be sold or acquired is a 'pig in a poke' in some way. You have no knowledge about its internal processes, or whether it is indebted to contactors or not. Twenty-first century teaches us that taking everything someone say at face value is a reckless decision. A legal auditing of suspicious business is the right choice.

A legal auditing, or audit services for legal entities, is a procedure, when independent lawyers conduct a background check on company's activities in order to make sure it is legally compliant. They also detect violations of law, if any, and assist in reducing legal risks.

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Who needs a legal auditing and why?

Legal audit may be performed aside from purchase of a readymade business. Sometimes the Management need assistance of a competent specialist, for example, during an upcoming inspections. Legal audit is often required when purchasing a share of LLC for background check of activities and economic profitability.
The new Management should always be careful while checking the documentation, otherwise they may bear responsibility that they are not aware of. It is true to cases when the previous Management was dismissed under very 'vague' circumstances. Even having a staff lawyer cannot ensure your protection if the previous Management misinformed them.
This is also a reasons why the Management do not want to call on a professional legal auditors. They rely on the experience and knowledge of a staff lawyer. However, as said above, thus lawyer may not have full information about the company's activities. In time of trouble you may lose more money than when paying for professional audit services and preventing possible risks.

Legal Auditing

Processional lawyers are very familiar with all legal risks that business entails. They can quickly notice discrepancies in documents or inadequate corporate activities. They can also provide with legal advice and business outlook.

Advocates Bureau YUG provides legal auditing (audit services of a legal entities) in Krasnodar and Krasnodar region. Our lawyers have extensive experience in performing legal auditing of readymade business and legal entities. We provide professional and efficient services. Schedule an appointment by phone at number 8-861-279-91-11 or visit our office at the address 16 Krasnaya Street, Krasnodar.

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